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Published:August 11th, 2008 17:12 EST
Frosty Woodbridge Is a Great American!

Frosty Woodbridge Is a Great American!

By John Lillpop


Frosty Woodbridge is know far and wide as an educator, activist, writer, and American patriot for his views and work against the illegal invasion of America and the toxic effect that that invasion is having upon American society.

In his latest article titled, "What I`m Most Tired About With Illegal Aliens,"Frosty writes about a woman who has done an excellent job of documenting the many reasons that she is fed up with illegal aliens.

He writes, "A lady named Marge set down many of the reasons she`s tired of illegal aliens invading the United States of America. No doubt, every reader may add another dozen to the list from personal experiences.

"She writes:

`I am tired of their demands and their refusal to assimilate.`

`I am tired of the squalor they bring to our country.`

`I am tired of the crime and I am tired of Americans as their victims. ?

`I am tired of the cost and the drain on our economy.`

`I am tired of their violent and militant behavior.`

`I am tired of their hands out demanding services which they are not entitled to while their middle finger is extended in contempt.`

`I am tired of twelve year old mothers and people who consider that normal.`

`I am tired of them sitting in American class rooms next to American children and I am tired of the dumbing-down of the American educational system while our children are exposed to third world versions of normal morals and violence not to mention the diseases that are being re-introduced into America.`"

Visit the link for the entire article which includes facts, figures, and analysis that backs up each of the "I am tired" statements listed above.