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Published:September 22nd, 2008 22:06 EST
Is George W. Bush Lying About the Meltdown?

Is George W. Bush Lying About the Meltdown?

By John Lillpop

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Congressional Democrats who voted to authorize the use of military force against Iraq in 2002 have spent the last five plus years explaining how they were mislead and manipulated by a conniving man whom they also swear is an incompetent nincompoop.

Geniuses, near geniuses, want to be geniuses, and geniuses in training like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, John Kerry and other Democrat luminaries claim that President Bush made up WMD intelligence out of whole cloth, sold his snake oil to the United Nations, and co-opted the rest of the world into believing that Saddam Hussein was a bad actor with bad intentions.

All on a lark!

Which is not too shabby for a man that Democrats contend is blessed with an IQ no higher than an ounce of wind blasted prairie weed.

To his credit, Barack Obama did not sup of Bush`s Iraq snake oil by voting with Biden, Reid, Clinton, Kerry and other intellectual progressives in October of 2002.

Instead, the community organizer and future Messiah spent his time hanging out on the streets of Chicago with the likes of Weather Underground terrorist William Ayes, Islamofascist apologist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Tony ? Rezko.

Who says that Obama has no experience? If the old adage, "It takes a thieve to catch a thieve" has any merit, Obama has plenty of experience and must surely be the Chosen One!

Given the fact that Democrats were such easy marks on WMD, what assurances do we have that these same gullible goof balls are asking the right questions, probing the right spots, and applying the due diligence needed to sort out the financial kerfuffel now stinking up America from coast to bloody coast?

For example, has anyone figured out why is essential that $700 billion dollars of taxpayer money be coughed up NOW to rescue a gang of corrupt bankers and financial wizards whose magic wands have suddenly gone sour?

Why can`t the issue wait until January 20th and a new administration?

Are those missing corporate profits really missing, or is this just another Bush ruse, in the same category of political malfeasance as the missing WMD?

Has anyone hacked into Dick Cheney`s laptop to determine how much of this fiasco is another staged event for the benefit of Halliburton stock and the VP`s mad money account?

Before writing a $700 billion check to a cabal of loan sharks and whore mongers disguised as loan sharks, shouldn`t someone first consult with Maxine Waters, queen of Watts?

Perhaps government should heed Water`s Words of Wisdom by seizing obscene profits stolen by oil freaks at Exxon and Shell, and use said funds to buy off corrupt bankers?

Maybe it is finally time to take Dennis Kucinich and his impeachment talk seriously?

Why not impeach President Bush and save $700 billion dollars, which can then be used by Democrats to fund public services for illegal aliens, reparations for African-Americans and Native Americans, and other worthy progressive causes?

Wake up liberals! We the people are counting on you to outsmart Dubya this time!