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Published:September 24th, 2008 09:42 EST
Awake In Cambodia

Awake In Cambodia

By SOP newswire2

Young actor, Hunter Gomez, 16, with his passion for charity and children, has once again joined with family and friends to make a difference in the lives of children. Hunter, along with his sister Ashley Gomez, Tiffany Broderick, Andrew Broderick, Dustin James and Ken Bursey, all recently returned from a 2 week trip to Cambodia where they began filming for a documentary titled "Awake In Cambodia." 
The film centers around the extreme poverty and drastic living conditions of the local people.  A large part of the focus is on child prostitution, children that live in the landfill, and the disparity of wealth in the region.  The group traveled into rural regions and places, such as the landfill, bringing food and other items to the families that live, work and eat there.  They also interviewed young women who were sold into prostitution, visited schools for refugees, and spent time in factories operated by land mine and polio victims who have been ostracized by society due to their physical condition. 
The documentary was the brainchild of producer Ashley Gomez, and was directed by Dustin James.  Ashley hopes to use the film as a tool to start a non-profit to benefit Cambodian children that have been forced to the streets, living a life that is beyond the imagination of most Americans.
In addition to the documentary, there will also be a complete photo journal available that was shot by Hunter during the two week trip.  The group still has more shooting to do before editing of the film will begin, but they hope to have it ready for it`s first viewing in 2009.