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Published:October 21st, 2008 14:09 EST
Toxic Fetuses

Uncle Sam Should Purchase Toxic Fetuses--For the Children!

By John Lillpop

For the Children: Uncle Sam Should Purchase Toxic Fetuses!

Now that the federal government has branched out into private enterprise by purchasing interests in financial institutions on a grand scale, why not expand that role to include redemption of innocent fetuses destined for destruction by reckless women?

Here is how it would work:

The Supreme Court`s Inalienable Right to Kill (IRK) ruling of 1973, also known as Roe V. Wade, would be overturned, making abortion illegal. Violations would result in first degree murder charges being filed against both the aborting woman and the attending physician.

With the repeal of IRK would come a new government program called Bailing Out Babies (BOB), which would mandate that the government adopt all fetuses whom have fallen out of favor with their would be mothers because of poor health, being the wrong sex, financial concerns, and other common reasons that drive women to slaughter innocent babies before birth.

In order to effect the repeal of IRK, it would be necessary to amend the U.S. Constitution to delete that pesky "privacy" provision that gives women the inalienable right to murder at will.

Implementing BOB would spare cafeteria Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden the indignity of being denied Communion because of their obsession with IRK.

It would also grant human fetuses the same consideration afforded stray cats and dogs by animal shelters all across the land.

Purchasing toxic fetuses: It is the least that a liberal-infested government can do "for the children!"