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Published:November 20th, 2008 14:23 EST

Censorship of Pro-Life Information Begins

By SOP newswire2

Officials at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania refuse to run an advertising supplement on abortion in the student newspaper, "The Campus."

Pro-LifeThe 12-page advertising supplement "We Know Better Now," sponsored by Human Life Alliance, provides detailed information on pregnancy and the impact of abortions on student`s lives.

"Our goal is to provide information on the humanity of the pre-born child and gruesome realities of abortion," stated Jo Tolck, executive director for Human Life Alliance.

At Allegheny College, officials for "The Campus" had already accepted payment for the November 13 edition when a local supporter noticed it did not appear in the paper.

"We were shocked the paper would take the money, have us ship 1500 copies of `We Know Better Now` and then refuse to run the advertisement," said Tolck. "Newspapers have a right to reject advertisements, but Allegheny College student newspaper officials had ready accepted the ad., scheduled a run date and received both the supplements and payment."

Human Life Alliance has not received any communication from Allegheny College newspaper staff since they were notified of the rejection. "We contacted the newspaper upon learning that our insert didn`t make it into `The Campus` and were told our advertisement was too controversial--even after they had accepted the advertising fee," Tolck said.

"The Campus" staff have been unresponsive to Human Life Alliance`s request to clarify the situation. "At this point, they can`t even find the advertising supplements and we have the tracking information confirming delivery," said Tolck. "We see this type of censorship all the time. It`s a shame that on a college campus some individuals still oppose free and open discussion of issues relevant to students."

More information about Human Life Alliance and "We Know Better Now" is available at or by calling (651) 484-1040.

PHONE: 651.484.1040