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Published:January 20th, 2009 20:14 EST
President Obama

President Obama's First Lie: "My Fellow Citizens"

By John Lillpop

Football legend Vince Lomabradi once remarked, "Winning isn`t everything, it`s the only thing!"

President ObamaBarack Obama knows exactly what the late Lombardi meant. He also has a greater appreciation for the "thrill of victory" after being sworn in as America`s44th president on this foreboding winter day in Washington, D.C.

President Obama also apparently enjoys a good gloat at the expense of those he has vanquished in the cutthroat wars known as American politics.

Which is why his first words as president were all, at once, a poke in the eye to his tormentors and an outright lie.

President Obama began his inaugural address with the salutation, "Myfellow citizens."

Anyone who has followed the three-ring circus involving the president`s birth certificate knows that Obama calling anyone a "fellow citizen" is a damnable lie, unless one hails from a mud hut in Kenya.

He dang near admitted as much when he described himself and the dog of his dreams as a "Mutt."

Unfortunately for America, the civilized world, and all of humanity, the so-called "objective press" was too overwhelmed with "thrills running up and down their legs" to concern themselves with puny issues like Constitutional eligibility.

Then again perhaps the Constitution and the whole idea of Democracy are outdated and overrated?

We will soon find out!