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Published:February 6th, 2009 10:20 EST
 ANOTHER Obama Stinker: How do you say "Tax Cheat" in Spanish?

ANOTHER Obama Stinker: How do you say "Tax Cheat" in Spanish?

By John Lillpop

If President Obama had just taken his own advise and learned Spanish, as he urged American parents to do, perhaps this latest kerfuffel could have been avoided.

Representative Hilda Solis (D) CAAs it is, the nomination of Rep. Hilda Solis, Latina from California, to be Labor Secretary may be in trouble because of revelations that her husband was ensnared in tax concerns, an aliment that seems to have reached pandemic proportions among Obama nominees.

As reported, in part, in the San Francisco Chronicle: **

"Looks like another Obama Cabinet nominee could be in trouble-- Rep. Hilda Solis, the proposed Labor Secretary. And, quietly, the administration has acknowledged that it could be a long haul. This week, Team Obama quietly appointed an interim Labor Department chief.

The latest chapter came Thursday before a long-delayed vote on Solis, a Los Angeles County Democrat, before the Senate Labor Committee again postponed consideration, apparently because of a disclosure that Solis` husband paid $6,400 yesterday to settle a tax lien.

Administration officials had hoped for a vote this week, almost a month after the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held a hearing on Solis. The committee`s Democratic majority should have the votes to approve the union-friendly nominee.

But the new administration has simultaneously been bracing for a protracted battle: On Monday, Obama appointed career Labor Department manager Ed Hugler to serve as acting secretary until Obama`s nominee can be confirmed.

After weeks of delay-- and speculation that Republicans on the committee were blocking Solis-- the committee`s chairman, Sen. Edward Kennedy, and ranking Republican member, Sen. Michael Enzi, issued a joint statement Thursday morning canceling the vote but denying that an anonymous senator had placed a hold on the nomination."

If only Team Obama had translated that 60 page vetting document into Spanish, all of this fuss might have been avoided. As it is, the Obama penchant for shooting itself in the groin has gained additional momentum.

All of which raises the question of the day: How do you say "tax cheat" in Spanish?