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Published:February 9th, 2009 14:57 EST
Ashley Judd

Gruesome News of Sarah Palin`s Cruel Aerial Wolf-Killing

By SOP newswire2

Those who know me know that I think it is very important to stand up for the things I believe in. Because I strongly believe in stopping the aerial wolf slaughter in Alaska, I`m honored to be working with you as part of the Eye on Palin campaign. 
We`ve already reached millions with the gruesome news of Governor Sarah Palin`s cruel aerial wolf-killing program.  But now I need your help to turn up the heat and run Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund`s video on TV as Governor Palin continues her attempts to grab the national spotlight.
Please donate today to help air our video on CNN in Washington, DC during Governor Palin`s next visit to the nation`s capital, and to support Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund`s fight to end aerial wolf-killing in Alaska once and for all -- and also stop Palin`s other wildlife atrocities.

Ashley Judd

Palin is scheduled to give a major speech in Washington, DC on February 26th.  And we want to put the national spotlight on her support for aerial killing of wolves and the execution of helpless wolf pups, her equally outrageous slaughter of female brown and black bears and their cubs, her lawsuit to eliminate federal protections for imperiled polar bears, and her opposition to protecting imperiled beluga whales.
Palin`s clearly worried about our national public education campaign: She`s tried to tar the Eye on Palin campaign as the efforts of an extreme fringe group. "  But Palin`s aerial wolf-killing program has been repeatedly condemned by scientists, Alaskans and ethical hunters alike.

We`re not about to back down from her and I`m sure you aren`t either. We know that the more Americans hear about her heartless animal-killing programs, the more the public recognizes that Palin is the extremist -- and her public support plummets.

We`ve already gained the support of some 120 members of Congress to pass federal legislation to end her barbaric killing. And we will stop her.
Please donate today to help Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund air this video on television in Washington, DC during Palin`s visit to the nation`s capital, and to help us take other actions to advance our great cause. 

We don`t have much time to seize this opportunity. Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund needs to buy the time this week to put our powerful ad on television in Washington during Palin`s DC appearance at the end of the month.
Because of caring people like you, more Americans are talking about Governor Palin`s awful wolf-killing programs. Our video has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube and been featured on MSNBC, CNN, The Today Show and in hundreds of news articles across the country. And last Friday, Rodger Schlickeisen and I appeared last Friday on Larry King Live to answer Governor Palin`s statement and set the record straight about her wolf-killing program.
With your support we can reach millions more Americans and make sure they know the truth about Sarah Palin and her anti-wildlife programs.
Thank you for doing what you can to help.

Ashley Judd

P.S. Thank you so much for the incredible support that people like you have shown for the Eye on Palin campaign. Together, we`re making a difference!