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Published:July 10th, 2009 10:15 EST

Alaskan Wolves and Wildlife Rejoice...Palin's Out!

By SOP newswire2

Governor Sarah Palin`s announcement last Friday that she will resign within the coming weeks took the world by surprise. In her speech, she directly implied that heat " from "outside interests" about her predator control practices contributed to her decision.

I can only say that if Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund`s efforts to spotlight Palin`s outrageous aerial slaughter of wolves helped encourage her to resign, we`re darned proud of it! And since you helped, you should be proud too.

But now that Palin`s out of the governorship, what`s next for Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund`s fight to protect Alaska`s wildlife and end the state`s brutal and unfounded aerial wolf killing programs?
Please take a moment to read my statement on Palin`s resignation and incoming governor Sean Parnell.

Together, we`ve spent the better part of the last two and a half years fighting Sarah Palin`s disastrous mismanagement of Alaska`s wolves, polar bears and other wildlife. And when Senator John McCain tapped Palin as his running mate, no one was more effective than Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund at educating voters about her terrible environmental record.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund`s goal has always been to ensure that Alaska`s wolves, bears and other wildlife will be around for future generations to enjoy " and it remains so today.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and our sister organization Defenders of Wildlife are already crafting a new plan to make good use of this opportunity to protect Alaska`s polar bears and beluga whales and to finally end the brutal and unfounded aerial wolf killing programs.

We`ll need your help to protect Alaska`s wildlife in the months ahead, and I hope that we can count on your continued support.

Best Regards,
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

P.S. Palin`s resignation offers an exciting new opportunity to end her administration`s war on wolves. Please watch your email next week for big news about our Campaign to End the Alaska Wolf Massacre.