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Published:September 9th, 2009 21:45 EST
Immediate Action to Stop Wolf Hunts in Idaho and Montana

Immediate Action to Stop Wolf Hunts in Idaho and Montana

By SOP newswire2

I`ve got some bad news: At 7:53 PM last night, a federal court decided not to take immediate action to stop wolf hunts in Idaho and Montana.

I`m sure you share my profound disappointment that the wolf hunts will -- at least for the moment -- continue, but today`s decision does have an important silver lining:

The court also ruled that, based on the merits of our case, we have a strong chance of ultimately prevailing in our legal challenge of the Interior Department`s delisting of wolves in Idaho and Montana and restoring vital federal protections for these wolves.

You can read the judge`s ruling here. (PDF)

While we are disappointed that the court did not issue an injunction, we are encouraged that the court seems to agree with us that the Obama Department of the Interior`s delisting the wolf was illegal and appears -- as we have repeatedly said -- to have reflected a political, rather than a science-based, decision.

Defenders of Wildlife will continue to move quickly in the days and weeks ahead to win our lawsuit and restore protections for these wolves. And, with your help, we`ll continue to vigorously pursue our five-point plan to save the lives of these wolves. Specifically, we`ll:

Continue the fight in court to restore protections for wolves.
Counter anti-wolf lies in the media.
Work on the ground to reduce conflicts between wolves and livestock producers.
Mobilize wildlife activists to save wolves.
Bring lawless wolf killers to justice.

Thank you for all you`ve done to help save our wolves! Together, I know we can prevail.

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen