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Published:September 13th, 2009 17:14 EST
Tent Prisons And Chain Gangs in the USA

Tent Prisons And Chain Gangs in the USA

By Richard Taylor


What has happened to our justice system?
   First of all, many of us that are in our right minds think that prison is not a very nice place to be. So that would mean that anybody that is in there is not in their right mind. You see, we treat "people" that are in there with prejudice. They are not like us so that is where they belong. But let us take this one step further. Let`s look at it this way. These people are mentaly ill. And in America we have gotten to the point of treating the symptom, not the cause. So to treat the symptom that so many Americans have, that of a mental defect, we put them in jails or prisons. We have created, in essence, warehouses to keep them all in. After all, they can`t contribute to society, so we`ll just put them all away somewhere.

   They are Americans, right? So why aren`t we tring to help them? So let`s take a look at the big picture. We don`t try to find and heal the cause of their illness because it`s easier to look the other way and put them in these warehouses we have built. Is that American? And then we make it so nice for them to be in there. Most of them don`t mind being there. Many of them thrive in there. And most of them were in gangs on the outside, so they just create their gangs in there so they can rule the house. And in there, it is mass segregation. So we propagate in prison what we have fought so hard to keep out of humanity. Segregation. But it is not like that in there. Whoever has the most gangmembers rules.

 And that is why there are so many riots in there. It`s virtually a war zone in there. Watch some documetaries on prisons. You`ll be amazed. But then again, if you look the other way you won`t have to worry about it. That seems to be the trend in America now. It`s all about the me-me-me. Nobody wants to step in the shoes of someone else. They have acheived their comfort zone. But isn`t that why the constitution was written? So that we would all be equal as human beings, and share the same respect for each and every individual? That we should care about one another? That the health and well-being of another should be our main interest? Maybe that`s why 9/11 happened. It sure pulled us all together for a brief period. Shouldn`t it apply to all of America.

 So we have thse warehouses that we keep our mental defects in. We don`t try to heal the cause, we just put them in an environment where they can thrive. When they get out they will not be contributers to society, because all they know is what they have experienced being in prison. And that would be to hook up with a gang, because let`s face it, that`s all there is when your there. If you`re not in one, you get raped, pilaged, and taken advantage of, and even killed. That is the one thing you are required to do if you`re in there. To hook up with a gang so you don`t get killed. A gang will keep you safe.

   But do you realize what it costs you, the taxpayer? I have researched and get between 29,000 and 68,000 a year. And here`s what they get for "your" money. Free room and board, free cable TV, free exercise equipment, free clothes, free medical and dental care, free educational assistance, free legal assistance, and plus they don`t have to work. They can get out of prison with a free 4 year college degree. They are better taken care of than our elderly in most cases. Sure, they give up their freedom that we have on the outside, but for all the perks they get, they`re not giving up much. They are prisoners, but are treated like they`re guests at a Hilton hotel.

   So it costs America over 6 billion dollars a year to warehouse these people, and now prisons are becoming privatized. It has turned into a money making corporation at the expense of American citizens. I have created a new word for it called "hufit",  for "how f---ed up is that". Here is a little bit I have dragged off the web that describes it.

        Thirty-seven million, or one out of every six Americans, regularly use emotion controlling medical drugs. The users are mostly women. The pushers are doctors; the suppliers are pharmaceutical companies; the profits are stupendous. In the U.S. as of 2003 there were more than 125,000 alcohol-related deaths a year, 473,000 die prematurely from tobacco-related illnesses--53,000 of these are nonsmokers--while not a single one of the 31,450,000 marijuana users dies because of their use of this benign plant.According to the prestigious European medical journal, The Lancet, "The smoking of cannabis, even long-term, is not harmful to health. ... It would be reasonable to judge cannabis as less of a threat ... than alcohol or tobacco."  The focus of the drug war in the United States has shifted significantly over the past two decades from hard drugs to marijuana, which now accounts for nearly half of all drug arrests nationwide, according to an analysis of federal crime statistics released in 2005.

      A study of FBI data by a Washington-based think tank, the Sentencing Project, found that the proportion of heroin and cocaine cases plummeted from 55 percent of all drug arrests in 1992 to less than 30 percent 10 years later. During the same period, marijuana arrests rose from 28 percent of the total to 45 percent. Today in fifteen states, for a nonviolent marijuana-related offense, you could be sentenced to life in prison without parole, while the national average sentence for murder is six to eight years.

      Enforcing marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers an estimated $10 billion annually and results in the arrest of more than 829,000 individuals per year--far more than the total number of arrestees for all violent crimes combined, including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. Of those charged with marijuana violations, approximately 89 percent, 738,915 Americans were charged with possession only. The remaining 90,710 individuals were charged with "sale/manufacture," a category that includes all cultivation offenses, even those where marijuana was being grown for personal or medical use. In past years, roughly 30 percent of those arrested were age 19 or younger. More of our population is now behind bars for marijuana offenses than in any other time in our history.

      The US Sentencing Commission reports that only 5.5% of all federal crack cocaine defendants and 11% of all federal drug defendants are "high-level" dealers. The rest are low-level operatives and those caught "possessing." In most cases they`re from society`s least advantaged and poor, and most of them are black. These convenient targets create a ready supply of bodies to fill prison cells as part of the plan to remove the unwanted from the streets and create a profitable new growth industry at the same time.

   So what do we do now America? I say we follow suit of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Of Maricopa county, Arizona, and create tent jails and prisons for the inmates. Let`s quit making it a pleasurable experience to go to prison. Heck, a lot of them don`t mind going back. Let`s make a self sustaining place for them to do their time. And let`s take it one step further. Let`s put them to work. Remember the chain gangs of the old days? If they want to be in a gang, let`s make them work for it. And let`s take it even another step. Let`s enlist them in the army. Intead of sending our kids to go get killed, let`s send them. It`s a win win situation.

   So all in all, it isn`t a war on drugs, it`s a war against the American citizen, and we can`t see it. Most everbody that`s in prison is drug or alcohol related. We should legalize marijuana as it is a benign drug. It`s the other drugs like cocaine and heroine that will take your life away. And if we can spend 6 billion dollars a month over in Iraq, why can`t we spend that much here in America to keep the flow of deadly drugs out? And let`s get serious about it. Let`s impose a new law that will give you the death penalty for dealing these killer drugs, because in the same sense, that is what they do, is take your life away from you. You are committing murder dealing these drugs.

   It is just as good as putting a gun to somebody`s head when you get them hooked on the drug you are selling. Let`s make the government get "real" about this and start protecting the American citizen. It is all starting to sound like a conspiracy for the almighty dollar. Let the drugs come in to our country, get Americans hooked on them, and then when their life turns to a life of crime to get their drug, we`ll throw them in all these warehouses we have built and privatized. It`s good for the economy.

   The people in prisons need our help America. They are American citizens too. Through one conspiracy or the other, they have fallen to the wayside and need our help. Are we patriots and can come to the aid of our fallen citizens, or are we money mongers and just look the other way for the sake of the almighty buck. Prisons were meant to rehabilitate people, not make money off them and keep a cycle of repitition going. I can say this because I have been there. I committed a crime and turned myself in to get help. I got sent to prison instesd of getting the help I needed. All I got out of it was I suffered a stroke from all the stress of our justice system. Read my book, A Stroke of Divine Intervention, and you will see what our justice system has turned into. And it is you, the taxpaying citizen, that gets the bill for it all. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

   America makes up 5% of the worlds population, but makes up 25% of the worlds prison population. It has turned prisons into a corporation for money. It`s the only country that locks up it`s own citizens. I thought that only happened in Russia. Are we turning into a Russia? We are one of the greatest nations on the face of the Earth, and what do we do in the name of the dollar? Americans, isn`t it time for America to really start to flourish? We can do it. It`s time for us to unite, for you can`t take the dollar with you when you die. Let us start to be true Americans and help those Americans that have been put into these warehouses. Let`s get our people out of prison and give them a chance to become the Americans they were meant to be. Isn`t it the American dream? Look at it this way. What if it was YOU?