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Published:September 27th, 2009 18:31 EST
The Conspiracies of Drugs

The Conspiracies of Drugs

By Richard Taylor

 (And what we call a war on them)

Back in 1996 I found out why my friends at work had been missing a lot of work and some had even quit. Someone had introduced them to crack cocaine and the addiction was spreading through the shop. How I found out was one of them turned me onto a hit of it. He watched my face as I took the hit and said, "Oh, I hope I haven`t started something. " Having been a recovering alcoholic at the time I could see what was happening to their lives. They all had families to take care of.   

I went home that day and contacted and met with an agent of the DEA. He said I didn`t have any proof. I went home and contacted the Sheriff`s narcotics department and also talked with an agent. I told him I was willing to spend my own money to put a stop to my friends losing their lives to this. I was willing to become addicted to this drug in order to look like one of them and get information they could use to get to the source of it. He promised me help with rehab when it was over and to not spend my own money.   

So I began what I thought was helping them. Over the weeks I eventually quit my job and had found a coke dealer to move in with me. I had become the perfect informant. Time went by and I was constantly calling and leaving info on their voice mail. Then one day when my dealer is out making a coke delivery, the Sheriff`s narcotics department comes and rams down my door, busts in with guns drawn, and tears my place apart looking for drugs. The agents that I had talked to put cuffs on me and sat me on my couch and said, Be quiet. "   

They wait until my dealer gets back and make him call his supplier to come and drop off some more coke. When his dealer gets there, they arrest him and haul him off to jail. Then, they write me out a ticket to go to court for dealing drugs out of my place. What is going on here? Now my cover is blown because when a raid is done the news spreads fast and all of the junkies find out about it and don`t come near your place.   

I`m at a loss now. I call the Sheriff`s office later that night and he just starts yelling at me over the phone so I hang up. I`m confused. I thought I was helping them and this is what I get? All my work was ruined now. About a week goes by and my dealer moves out. Then I get this call from one of my dealer`s users. He had just gotten out of prison a few weeks ago and I had met him. He tells me he`s doing a burglary and needs a truck to haul the stuff away. I had a truck and if I would help him, he would split it with me. I tell him yes and he gives me the address. I call the Midvale police because that`s the area he`s doing it in.  

They tell me to give them the address and then go and help him do it. They will be waiting for us when we leave and they`ll arrest me with him so it won`t look like I was the one that called them. We put TV`s, stereos and all sorts of stuff in my truck and leave. We turn the corner and there they are with their guns and rifles drawn and arrest us. They take us in separate cars to the station and tell me good job, I can leave now. Wow, I think to myself. At least I helped someone. I get back to my bashed in door at my apartment and find a note and business card stuck to the door from an agent of the FBI. He just heard what I did and had been tracking this guy to find a chop shop he had been taking stolen cars to. I gave him a call and arranged to meet with him the next day.   

In the meantime, I had this girl staying at my place because she had more connections I could get for the department, but they had just used me for this one bust and that was it. So, since it all was screwed up now I decided I was going to start dealing coke to recover my losses. I get her to call one of her sources and we go and score some coke. Now remember, I had become just as addicted to this stuff, too, so we did some, and then she takes the phone with her to the bathroom to take a shower. I think nothing of it. We go to bed.  She sleeps in my room, and I on the couch.    

At six in the morning here is the DEA bashing in the new door I had just put up doing the same thing the Sheriff had just done. The girl I had staying with me had called them when she took the phone into the bathroom. I later found out that they pay druggies $500.00 when they inform on somebody. They tear my place up, take the coke I just bought, and give me another ticket to go to court. They say to come see them tomorrow, which I do. There I see some of the cokeheads that had been coming to my place to buy coke. I find out all of the cokeheads are informers, too.  It`s an easy $500.00 for them.   

I go see the agent the next day and tell him all that has happened to me. He says to give him the tickets and he`ll take care of them. He does. So, I`m really at a loss now. Here I am addicted, being evicted now because of the busts, no job and nowhere to go. Enter my dad. He hooks me up with this lady friend of his to stay with. I tell him everything that has happened. I find out all she wants me for is to be her toy-boy.   

I can`t live like this, so I formulate a plan. I go turn myself in for a ticket I had gotten when I was running around with all the cokeheads trying to buy coke. It had gone to warrant by then. I get there and they take me in; I think I`m finally going to get some help. I`ll be off the streets. All they do is process me, give me a new court date and turn me loose on my own recognizance. I`m at a loss again. I get back to this lady`s house and make a new plan. I`m going to commit a whole new crime that they can`t just turn me loose on. I begin taking her gold jewelry and pawning it. That`s a crime. And then I go turn myself in for it before she even knows about it. How many prisoners who commit crimes go turn in themselves? That should have woke up somebody then, but that`s our justice system.  

Unfortunately, I had done it enough times that they send me to prison for it. I do a 90 day evaluation there so they can decide if I`m bad enough to keep there. My public pretender they had given me gets me released on probation. But my life is totally messed up now. I try to commit suicide, but am unsuccessful, so they send me back to prison for another 90 days. Being in prison is no walk in the park when you are not of that mindset and that type of person. When I get out again and my life is really messed up because my parole officer is scrutinizing me with the fear of going back to prison again, I suffer a stroke. He comes and sees me in the hospital and takes me off their papers. He`s finally decided that I am no threat to society now.  

 This brings me to the real understanding of what our DEA and other agencies out there are really doing. They are not out there to put a stop to the influx of drugs into the United States. I guess they think if they did that they would be out of a job. Instead, they allow the flow of it to come in, let us citizens become addicted to it, then come and bust down our doors and arrest us, send us to prison for the crimes these drugs make us do, and in general, just allow our lives to get messed up so that they can have a job. Here in the beginning of all of this I thought I was being the perfect candidate to get information on the sources so they could stop it from flowing into the States. But, I was sorely wrong-- and sorely wronged. And the taxpayer dollars of all of us citizens is sponsoring these sorts of atrocities to happen to us. Where`s the justice in that? You tell me.  

America is addicted to the war on drugs. Our agencies keep perpetuating it instead of stopping it. They whack away at the limbs of the weed instead of going for the root and killing it. One of our beliefs is the speed at which something happens. If something kills you slowly, like alcoholism or smoking, it`s okay. If it`s fast, like 9/11, then it`s bad. Look at it this way: drugs are another form of terrorism. Only it`s slow, not fast like 9/11, but it still kills Americans. We have the CIA, FBI, DEA, NSA, Special Forces, other drug agencies, and our great military, but we can`t seem to stop the flow of drugs in the U.S. But we can go wage war in Iraq for six billion dollars a month, and say it`s to stop terrorism. And the Taliban are the ones producing all of the heroine over in Afghanistan to support their Jihad.   

We need one person brave enough to bring this to America`s awareness, but whom? This is much bigger than the Watergate scandal. The U.S. represents 5% of the world`s population, but 25% of the world`s prison population. This is our great United States? Our citizens who get addicted do bad things and end up in prison. Instead of helping them, we lock them up. What would happen if we passed a law that if you`re caught dealing drugs you get the death penalty, because in essence, when you get somebody hooked on drugs you are literally killing them, taking their life away from them. Google how many Americans are addicted to drugs. You`re in for an enlightening truth.  

PS: Have you wondered how I have suffered a stroke, survived it and am back at work as a master machinist, and have authored a book? I`ll leave that up to your imagination. It should be on Oprah, huh? Maybe that`ll wake up somebody. Amen.