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Published:November 9th, 2009 16:30 EST
Long Term Effects of Everything We Do (The Butterfly Effect)

Long Term Effects of Everything We Do (The Butterfly Effect)

By Richard Taylor

                             The Long Term Effects of Everything We Do 
                                      (That Nobody Investigates)
I just got done reading an article on the long-term effects of people and institutions that dump their unused medications down the toilet or drain, because that is what health officials told them to do with them. Aren`t these health officials supposed to be trained on the facts of life? I mean, where did this bizarre thinking come from. It leads me to think that they can`t think. If you throw them in the waste system where do they think they`re going to go? Are they somehow going to magically disappear?

No. They are magically going to infiltrate our much needed water supply. And our modern wastewater treatment facilities are not equipped to filter out the compounds that are in all of these "disposed" drugs. A study conducted by the Associated Press showed that our drinking water is laced with everything from cholesterol lowering agents to hormones and tranquilizers. The AP investigation found that healthcare facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes had pumped an amazing 250 million pounds down "our" drains.

And I can`t even begin to fathom everything else Americans dump down our drains. And nobody even imagines, or has a clue as to the long-term effect it`s going to have on America, or the world for that matter. People have got to start realizing that there is only one Earth, and that God created it for us to live on. So what do we do. We plunder the natural resources it provides for us. Take the trees to start with, that produce our much needed oxygen that we cut down in swathes to make everything from toilet paper, paper towels and tissue, cardboard boxes, furniture, and houses. Has anybody ever researched how many trees we need to keep our environment rich with the air that we breathe? No. They`re plentiful, so we just keep whacking away at them. Maybe we`re going to produce our own Armageddon. With six billion people and counting, maybe we`ll all suffocate one day, because we cut down our air supply. We`re cutting them down faster than we can regrow them. And if they would legalize marijuana, look at all the hemp we could use instead of trees.

And then there`s the oil that we pump out of the Earth and turn around and burn it and pollute the very environment that we "need" to live on. And the corporations that produce this pollutant will keep on doing it even though it`s killing us in the long term. And they know it. It`s causing global warming. We are on a slow suicide. But that`s the thing with our "controllers". You know our government and big corporations. They consider it murder if it happens fast, like when somebody shoots you. If it happens slow, like smoking, drinking alcohol and becoming addicted to it, and it then ruins your liver and other vital body parts, it`s okay. It took a long time. I`ve made up a new word that fits it. "Hufit", for "How f--ked up is that". And the oil corporations know about alternative energy sources, but they would rather burn up all the oil first and make the money off it, while at the same time they are killing us. But don`t worry, it`s not fast, so it`s okay. 

Finally, and this is the big one, but it`s so slow that nobody can "see" it, is the detonation of atomic and nuclear bombs. Only two of them were detonated in warfare, but 2000 of them have been detonated. They were either detonated to see if they worked, or to show the world that the country that did it had nuclear capabilities, and weren`t to be messed with. I only have to say "hufit". Once again, nobody has done the research to see what the long term effect is going to be on the world. Once again, if it kills you slow, it`s okay. Google the long term effects of atomic and nuclear bomb detonation and investigate the long term effects of them. You will be shocked. Here is just a little from   

There are four types of ionizing radiation produced by nuclear explosions that can cause significant injury: neutrons, gamma rays, beta particles, and alpha particles. Gamma rays are energetic (short wavelength) photons (as are X-rays), beta particles are energetic (fast moving) electrons, and alpha particles are energetic helium nuclei. Neutrons are damaging whether they are energetic or not, although the faster they are, the worse their effects.

They all share the same basic mechanism for causing injury though: the creation of chemically reactive compounds called "free radicals" that disrupt the normal chemistry of living cells. These radicals are produced when the energetic radiation strikes a molecule in the living issue, and breaks it into ionized (electrically charged) fragments. Fast neutrons can do this also, but all neutrons can also transmute ordinary atoms into radioactive isotopes, creating even more ionizing radiation in the body.

So here it is. Have you perchance noticed all the different types of cancer that are killing people? Have you heard the words "free radicals"? Did you ever wonder where they came from? Yes my friends, It`s from all the atomic devices we`ve been setting off, and we didn`t bother to think about the long term effects. Well, they`re here. What do we do now?

Do we wake up and make it a global offense to set one off? Do we start looking for another planet to move to? Maybe that`s what happened to Mars. Research it and your common sense will tell you there was life there once. What happened? Could this be the Apocalypse that precedes Armageddon? Apocalypse means "revelation", not the end. So here it is. This is the Apocalypse (revelation). Do we wake up and see it? Or do we perish from it and go extinct. I consider myself a visionary. Would you like to join my club and begin to SEE?