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Published:April 4th, 2010 11:12 EST

Another Teen Suicide - HELP!!! "C.A.B. - Celebrities Against Bullies

By SOP newswire2

As you may or may not know, 15-25% of students are victims of bullying at their schools or in their social settings, and more than 30% of them are ages 6-10. Recently, there have been numerous news stories about young people committing suicide after being bullied repeatedly, because they feel they have no other options. In other cases kids & teens are resorting to violence against others, like the mass shootings we keep hearing about.

The problem is so serious now that some states are creating laws specifically for bullying and they just indicted 9 teens in the death of a 15-year old in Massachusetts who hung herself in her closet after being bullied, a nine year did the same a few months ago.

So many of us have not taken bullying seriously until now since the crisis is growing at such an alarming rate, because it`s easier for bullies to do it via the internet through social websites, like Twitter & Facebook.

We recognize that celebrities have so much influence with kids, teenagers, & young adults. We are absolutely sure that if we can get celebrities to speak out about their own bullying experiences, we can save some lives & help prevent so much of the fear, pain, and even deaths that have occurred as a result of bullying, whether physical, verbal and/or emotional. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, bullying is more than just picking on someone, or calling them names, victims are many times excluded, outcast or left out of social scenes, activities, or interaction.  Though as adults we`ve learned to handle this rejection and isolation to some extent, to many young people around the world, it`s life or death, literally.

In order to raise awareness of the "STOP BULLYING NOW" campaign, established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, we have found a simple way for celebrities to use their influence without any real inconvenience, demands on their time, monetary involvement, or any other obstacle that would keep them from lending their support for such a great cause, "video"!

We are asking 100 celebs to videotape themselves for only 1-4 mins., addressing one or more of the following bully related issues. (The quality could be comparable to anything you would find on youtube). The more candid and less produced, the better, we want it to be real, believable, genuine, which is more effective. Please don`t hesitate to show emotion as appropriate, it so important that these kids feel you!

You can address one or more of the following:

1. If you were ever bullied at some point in your life, explain how, when, how it affected you, still affects you, and how you survived it. It`s critical for viewers to know if you survived, even thrived after being bullied, they can too!

2. If you were a bully, explain why, what you did, and any regrets or shame you feel. And say what you feel would definitely discourage others from doing it.

3.  If you were never a victim of bullying, nor a bully yourself, you can discuss your views on bullying, someone else`s experience you`re aware of, like your kids, or loved ones, friends, neighbors, associates, w/o giving their names. Then give encouragement and advice to those who are affected. For example, encourage them to talk to their parents, a friend, a teacher. Let them know people care, you care, and they are not alone.

At the beginning of your video.Please state your name and how people would know you. "I`m (your name) you may know me from Grey`s Anatomy".

At the end please say exactly, "My name is (your name only), and I`m a CAB, a Celebrity Against Bullies. (We really want to brand "C.A.B.", so ppl think of it every time they see a "CAB", which is a universal vehicle for movement, which this is.)

Keep in mind that these videos should be appropriate for any age viewer to watch, if you use profanity, say anything racist or, that could incite violence we can not use it.

We will be posting these videos on our family friendly website in development now,, which will provide resources for help, support, reporting bullies, and fund-raising for anti-bully related causes.

That`s it! You can change lives w/less than 5 mins of your time w/o leaving your home or hotel room.

We will send you a short talent release agreement before posting your video for your protection and that of everyone involved.

Thank you for your support, we need your video as soon as possible, but definitely within in one week of you receiving this request. The sooner the better, because we want the media to know celebs are stepping up while they are also giving the bullying issue attention as well.

C.A.B. - Celebrities Against Bullies

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