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Published:August 5th, 2005 15:00 EST
Let the Trend Begin

Let the Trend Begin

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Move over Bartles and James, watch out Martha Stewart, there is a new kid in town, and his name is Larry Wald. Who is Larry Wald you ask? Possibly, he is the smokers` next choice for President of the United States. Wald is the owner of Cathode Ray Club on trendy Las Olas Boulevard in Ft. Lauderdale Florida as well as the father of a trendy new craze currently sweeping the cosmopolitan crowds of South Florida and New York City.

Wald`s brainchild is the nicotini, a cocktail created in response to Florida`s recent ban on smoking in public places. Wald`s process involves soaking tobacco leaves in vanilla flavored vodka, and disguising the taste with a couple of other liquors. And there you have it, the nicotini. He describes his creation as the martini with a smoker`s cough. Patrons of Wald`s nightclub say that the nicotini has a pleasant taste, which some have described as either tasting like a Maryland crab cake or a vanilla cupcake that has been placed near an ashtray for several hours.

Another smoker`s delicacy is the Marlboro mousse. The Marlboro mousse is a formula of Marlboro cigarettes and coffee, thus creating a tobacco mousse with seared fois gras. Now without lighting up, a smoker can enjoy their meal and then still top it off with a nicotine fix from a cancer causing delight. I asked Sandro Sioriti, chef at the trendy New York restaurant Serafina Sandoros why the Marboro mousse and nicotini are needed, and he told me; "We had to do it because we have got a lot of pissed off smoker`s in the city right now. We can no longer keep forcing smokers into the back alleys of restaurants and nightclub where they now congregate to grab a quick smoke before rushing back inside."

For us non-smokers these have become glorious times. We can now go out and not have to worry about coming home smelling like a stale ashtray. Personally, I think anything that will help a cute guy with bad breath is all right by me. Now all we need for a perfect night out on the town is the Viagra milkshake.

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