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Published:June 19th, 2006 08:17 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Dr. Carolyn Porter, Author of The Realness of a Woman

Judyth Piazza chats with Dr. Carolyn Porter, Author of The Realness of a Woman

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


The Realness of a Woman:
A Journey for Seeking, Remembering & Being Who You Are

Written woman to woman, Carolyn opens the reader to see her own Magnificence. So often a woman gets lost in the shuffle of life, but it`s time for them to know their worth.

It`s a love story "well worth the read "how to fall in love with Yourself!

Empowerment activities, beautiful sketches, deep-thought poems, coordinating affirmations and unique designs adorn these chapters so you can easily understand the words and apply it in your life. Look for the roses "can you figure out the meaning?

"In `The Realness of a Woman,` Dr. Porter shares that our power is activated when we remember our greatness, when we create a fertile ground where our authentic selves can emerge and thrive, when we dare to reclaim our majesty ""

Brenda Muhammad, Founder of MOMS, Executive Director Atlanta Victim/Witness Assistance Program

Carolyn`s Bio

Energetic and bursting with vitality " that`s Carolyn!

Carolyn actively pursued her piano teaching career for over 30 years while she raised her five children, three daughters and two sons. Her degree in music and professional education served her well. She was an expert cook, seamstress, decorator and organizer.

When she became ill she sought alternative modalities to heal. This she accomplished and proceeded to open several health stores with her sons.

After five years she was feeling the walls close in on her so she again stepped out into uncharted territory. Although public speaking was not on her list of pursuits, she was strongly nudged into sharing the tremendous truths and insights she had gained along her path of personal and business expansion.

After leaving the stores she worked with a company for a few years - speaking, writing, editing, marketing, coaching - but was directed to leave that place as well. Not being a slacker in any way, Carolyn took a flying leap and landed her own company, Empower Productions, Inc.

Her work is her passion and in the last three years she received her Masters and Doctorate of Divinity from Universal Brotherhood University, published multiple books, several e-Books and audios, created and facilitated multiple seminars and her own speaker training. She may be a grandmother but you`d never know it. Most people think her years younger than she is because that`s what she projects.

Hang around her for a while and you will become energized from the high vibration that emanates from within her.

The belief that there are limitless possibilities in our lives if we just open up to our true selves is what Carolyn believes. She sees that everything we experience in our lives is by our creation. The problem is most people create their life through the limited beliefs of someone else. They don`t really know who they are. That`s why Carolyn`s theme is Be Real!

She continues to share her insights with those who are willing to make changes in their life. Her goal is always to empower you to bring out the greatness already within you so that the world can see your gifts. You are a star that needs to shine. You truly make a difference in this world!

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