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Published:July 18th, 2006 13:57 EST
Boy Eats World Author David Lawrence - Up Close and Personal

Boy Eats World Author David Lawrence - Up Close and Personal

By Alan Gray

David Lawrence, a private chef, returned to his home town of Sacramento last week, to give some really great classes and to share his gourmet cooking secrets.

The classes took place in several locations around Sacramento, including at Whole Foods at Arden and Natural Foods at Elk Grove, where I met him and talked about his work.

David Lawrence started cooking around age 8, taught by his mother, an adventurous cook.

He moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles initially to pursue a career in acting, many years after aspiring to be the seventh Brady child. While living in LA, he often cooked for dinner parties and friends suggested he take up cooking for a living.

Needing to support himself while seeking acting roles, he started work in a catering company, where he learned a lot more about food and cooking.

This training was very good for him and now he loves showing others how to cook and he gets a lot of pleasure from seeing their confidence change as they see they can cook and try new things.

David created a new book for our generation that is more used to eating out, rather than cooking for ourselves. Many of us might want to hold a dinner party, but we have no idea how to go about it. Now we can, and all those who attended the classes benefited from David's secrets and methods and his great personality and presence, which came across really well in the session.

If you weren't able to attend, David's latest book will help your gourmet cooking, in your own home - or for friends. Pick up your copy of Boy Eats World online or in your local bookstore.

David is also a frequent participant at regional food and wine festivals and is a regular contributor to several newspapers.