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Published:July 26th, 2006 07:01 EST
All I could do was watch

All I could do was watch

By Subash Lamichhane

All I could do was watch


My city was bleeding


And all I could do was watch from the terrace


At rising columns of smoke


That dimmed the sunlight

And set a pall of gloom over the valley

And all I could do was watch the birds

And eagle diving to catch a blackened piece of paper

Drifting in air, pigeons startled into flight

With every shot echoing in the streets

Confused crows maneuvering between the

Columns of some and fire

An arrogant helicopter twirling powerfully over

The burning city

I watched as the city burned and smoked

And angry people smashed and defiled a place 

Lots of angry shouts here and there,

Pointing their guns towards heaven,

Planting victorious flag here and there

Helpless people slaughtered here and there,

Cried and begging for life

The city continued burning

I watched as a bit of burnt paper danced its way

Down from the ashen sky

A passport to live being seized...

Then everything remained silent,

I heard my heart beating fast...

Up on the hills victorious songs were being sung...

And more up there birds and helicopters continued to fly