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Published:July 28th, 2006 19:09 EST
Consequence of the march for freedom

Consequence of the march for freedom

By Subash Lamichhane

Consequence of the march for freedom
The pearl I treasured the most
Is no more worth to be treasured?
This changed the face of the  world
This ruined the hopes and thoughts
Now has ruined my own hopes
It`s no more the pearl that I behold
A bigger crush and a lamentation of mine
It gave me a dream of liberation
Of freedom and democracy
Made me adopt it for the  end of suppression
I ran with it through hills
Being in plains and mountains
Its echo was enough to break the tranquility
As I marched with it more and more
Blood was shaded and made more tears fall
But I regret I killed my own brothers
Nothing has it brought for me except
Sadness, weariness and painful feeling
I crush myself for being the cause of
Sadness, suppression and tears
Oh! How blind my eyes are
     How deaf my ears are
     What a heart of stone I have
     I didn`t see, hear nor feel the
     Distress this friend of mine caused
My heart cramps for every single drop of tears
It aches for every single drop of blood
It burns for cries and pain that I caused
Now my heart regrets for treasuring
A thing that kills my own brothers
And desert their hopes to live
No more I want to bring tears in their eyes
Only love can win the heart
Never can guns and bombs...
Lets us be a instrument of peace and
Let`s throw all our weapons to sea...
Let`s follow the path Gandhi followed
Dr Martin Luther king followed
And let the feeling of brotherhood grow...