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Published:January 15th, 2010 13:06 EST
On Being Hostage in Iraq

On Being Hostage in Iraq

By Subash Lamichhane

This is a poem about the bitter deaths that those Nepalese got while being hostage in Iraq two years ago. First, I want to apologise that I am using "Allah ho Akbar", and I hope that this doesn`t bring bad sense to all the Muslims. I here focus how horrible the extremists are and how bad they are for the world. No matter Christian, Hindu, Muslim or any religion... extremists are not good for the world. Our world is diverse, and diversity is the thing that creates our identity.We must have respect  for each other and faith in each other. Through this poem, I want to express how it feels to be threatened in Foreign and unknown land.  And how terrible the extremists are.
Hostage In Iraq
My mind is about to explode, now
Images are flashing before me
So much fear in my heart
All my hopes are ruined and
Dreams have collasped
Being a hostage in this unknown land
Bearing the gun point at my head
These black masked, merciless guys
Staring with the vulture`s eyes
I can do nothing
Just count the days until I will die
Finally, the day had come
Merciless hands dragged me
And others friend of mine
We still had a hope
A hope to return home
But it`s all gone, now
The desert is shining very bright
Yellow sand hot and very dry
Tied hands and tied legs
Hungry stomach and body weak
They made us to sleep
Facing the hot and dry sand
Tears were in all of ours eyes
In hopes these tears would be monsoon rain
To grow the seeds of love and mercy
In these heart of stones
But it was pointless
Soon appeared a man with a knife
All of us were dead now, though alive
Caught one of our friends
Made him face the unjustful heaven
Putting the diamond edged knife
On his neck and slained him...
Oh! How terrible that cry was
Blood rushed like a fountain
They seperated his head
Cried victoriously: Allah ho Akbar!!
In my heart, I cried and pleaded Pashupatinath
A faith of every Hindu
But nothing even he could do
Pointed the gun to our heads
Started their victorious shooting of innocents
I was crushed that
I was last of the row
Dum! Dum! aah! no!
My friends screamed and pleaded
Dum! Dum! nothing could effect savages like them
For the last time, I remembered 
My beautiful son, and his calling me Daddy,
My lovely wife`s tears in her eyes, saying goodbye
To build a golden future, I came here 
To this unknown land, and lost everything
Now this deserted land, drowned in blood and tears
Just could offer me the death of a dog
Now it was my turn
My heart was failing to work
My veins about to explode
My breath stopped
Just a heaven on Earth, "Nepal" was on my mind
Dum! Dum! Dum!