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Published:September 4th, 2006 06:24 EST

Glass as a Style of Life

By Ann Poludenko

People around the world have become crazy about the same thing " glass. All the things made of this material have become extremely popular, such as the new fashion stream, which can be easily explained: this is natural material, easy to work with and suitable for making a great variety of things. The other reason is that it is trouble-free to take care of things made of glass " just don`t be too rough with them and sweep off the dust from time to time.      

Natasha sometimes says that she lives in a glass-world.   This 32 year old woman is a popular designer. Everything she is busy with censers somehow this fragile material. She creates style and glass is a very thing that helps her. This type of decoration will always feature your individuality and will give some charm to you ". Multicolored earrings and necklaces fill our shops today. They look differently, as well as their prices. The quantity of money you`ll have to pay for the two same-looking rings depends on the type of glass they are made of.

The most expensive is a well-known Venetian glass. It is also sometimes called " Myranski glass, from the name of a small Italian island where it has being produced for already seven centuries. In 1291 the governor of the city decided to remove glass-melting workshops for producing decorations to the island. That was made in order to secure their invaluable invention from competitors.

At the same time glass-blowers had a lot of privileges, however, they lost the right to move from the island. Those who dared to become busy with the creation of glass-decorations outside the Venetian lagoon were captured by the secret police. Punishments for them varied: from cutting off their hands to the death penalty. Moreover, after every new technological discovery, security measures toughened. As every innovation made the famous Myranski glass of much higher quality and more expensive. 

When we choose a decoration. The first thing you have to pay attention to is the quality of the material. The place where it was produced, whether it is hand made or not, what way it was colored. " " says the designer Natasha.  The structure and shapes of the glass-necklace everyone has to choose for himself. According to the shape of his face, body lines and general cloth fashion that he prefers. "

Of course, the best is smooth hand-made glass. When a craftsman takes a metal tube (3 half of it is made of wood " not to burn the hands) than dive the heated part of it into melted glass mass, that easily sticks to it, forming a hot lump.  The master pulls the tube out of a stove very fast and starts to blow into the tube from the opposite side of the lump.  Cavity is formed inside the glass mass. It increases in size depending on how long the craftsman blows.

This is a way glassware, decorations, as well as large mirrors are made. It is known that the metal tube did not change after 2 thousand years. But things we make with it helps become more and more popular every day. Things made of glass are everywhere. Personally in my life, this material plays a great role ", - Natasha goes on. When I create clothes, at the same time I create in my mind decorations that will fit them. "

Natasha, as well as many other people today, has got a new hobby " walking on broken glass. Psychologists say that walking on sharp things is a very good way to get rid of stress, fear, depression and a way for someone to get the feeling of satisfaction, the kind of emotional relief. When you start dealing with glass this way, meaning " to have daily trainings of walking on glass " you may get small grits into your feet. But you can easily pull them out with the help of a simple needle. After some time, it is said, that your body will get to know itself how to resist debris. The supporters of this way of relaxation say that walking on glass is the same type of extreme as skydiving. When you put your feet on the broken glass adrenaline appears and some kind of euphoria " " Natasha, a strong supporter of such hobby, told us. 

The other popular thing that is connected with glass is drawing on this frail material. It is hard to say what kind of art it belongs to. The technique can be put to the stained-glass windows. You`ll never study this in the ordinary art schools. If you decide to try by yourself, everything you`ll need is: glass, paints of high quality and good brushes. Plus, of course, a great desire to create something great and at least a small idea for warming up. There are not too many museums of glass in the world. One of the biggest is in Czech Republic, the other one is in the USA. To put it more precisely " it is the Corning Museum of Glass in New York City. The best in the world collection of historical and art glass is right there. More that 45 000 exhibits represent the history of making glass during the period of three and a half centuries. There is also the workshop for glass-blowers where you can watch a master doing what he does best. Two more places where you can enjoy and study creations of glass are museums in Great Britain (Broadfield House) and in Israel (The Glass Museum in Arade).

The other things that are made of glass and that we use very often are telescopes, cameras, lamps, furniture, glasses and many other things that we can not imagine our life without. Sometimes we don`t even notice what an important role glass plays in our life. I live in a glass world. To start with the morning glass of water I use to drink with, my job full of decorations made of this unique material, my crazy hobby and to finish with a glass table by my bed, where I put my glasses before falling completely asleep " says Natasha. Glass is an old material, but every new century seems pleased to make it only more and more popular.