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Published:September 5th, 2006 06:03 EST
Open Your Eyes!

Open Your Eyes!

By Jess Mcwherter

Before him resides a singular shroud of light surrounded by the dark patience of night. Beneath it illuminates the life only possible in his greatest expectations. As the radiance refracts, his eyes are enchanted by the purity of hope and love, success and unbridled, passionately deep joy drawn about the beams. There is not a dismal inkling of pain present. Hues of reds and blues upspring, landing to directly infuse with droplets of passively falling rain on his paper thin wrists. Without reproach, he propels all senses toward the warmth, contemplating the complexities of steady resting breaths and awakened heal over toe circuitry. Coursing above and beyond him, currents of conversation glimmer in tracks of circular shaping. He cannot easily decipher the predominate syllables or definite meaning, only miniscule bits of consonants and vowels.

"Wa." "Uh." "Ke." `P.".... "WAKE UP! " The moisture begins to form pools coursing between grains of tar and prints.

"OPEN YOUR EYES! EYES......... oh."

Possibly in past happenings, he might answer with open lids and  stiffened palms to shield bright interference, but his soul is without a carnal need of response... it is beyond time and place. Silence, a never ending descent through corridors of a long awaited continuous mirage, grips him. As the last bit of oxygen externalizes, an inward agreement between the utopia of lifeless hallucinations and earthly existence, virgin lungs breathe for the first time.

Where death is present, life presides.