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Published:September 21st, 2006 06:24 EST
Book Review - The Realness of a Woman

Book Review - The Realness of a Woman

By Melissa Austria


We ask questions, expect answers and still find ourselves in doubt. Having some sort of guidance allows us to stay sane. But without finding certainty in our lives, we are often faced with obstacles and left with a misinterpretation of our own existence.

In The Realness of a Woman, " Carolyn Porter picks women up and takes them on a journey that explains the true lessons of life, and the meaning of staying true to oneself in order to achieve happiness. Unlike your typical self help books found in every Barnes and Nobles, the author holds your hands and speaks to you on a personal level by opening your spirit and mind. From a mother to a friend, Porter talks to her readers in a language they can hear and understand. She gives her audience a chance to get to know her by unfolding her personal story and relating them to the roles and expectations of a woman.

The book is divided into three parts: Seeking, Remembering and Being. Each part creates a chapter and discusses a theme that talks about what woman specifically go through and why. She uses her professional insight and wisdom to explain the everyday situations that drains women and influences their choices.
Porter reassures her readers that this process takes patience and an open mind. She begins each chapter with a quote and a beautiful sketch to start off your journey. You are then followed by powerful tools and techniques, which help build a pathway brick by brick. Each step is a closer approach in understanding our fears and constructing positive energy and throwing out the negative aspects that tackle your life. 
After you are fulfilled with answers and solutions, the chapter ends with a quick review. The review page highlights and summarizes each topic then asks for your participation by using an activity as a way of reflecting.
As you look back and think about your past experiences, you can`t help but realize how important change " plays a role in your life. Without change there is no growth and without growth, you find yourself taking the same routes in life and repeating history. Porter shows her readers how to face fear, surrender, let go and heal.
The book allows you to grow and strengthen your spirit as well as your relationship with God. Every page fills its readers with warmth and a powerful sense of contentment.  Most importantly, you learn to be honest to yourself and others. In this amazing and personal seminar, the author grabs your hand and guides you in the right direction.

In the Realness of a Woman, " readers can find out who they are, what they want and who they want to become. We expect the truth and Porter gives it to us. The advice and lessons she provides are genuine, influential and real. Her book is a remarkable manual that helps you stay true to yourself while you build your roadway towards love and joy.

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