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Published:October 11th, 2006 10:20 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Dr. David Colgrove, Author of Six P.M. Sunday

Judyth Piazza chats with Dr. David Colgrove, Author of Six P.M. Sunday

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


David Colgrove is a surgeon practicing in Southern California. He has spent thousands of hours in the Emergency Room at some of the busiest Trauma Centers in the country. Six PM Sunday, a medical drama with heart, is his third novel. He is currently at work on his next novel, Pandemic, due out in November 2006.

Six PM Sunday" is a novel of life, death, love, betrayal, and redemption set in contemporary Orange County, California.

Steven Adler, M.D., twenty-five-year-old chief resident at U.C. Irvine`s Trauma Center, is the best at what he does. He`s never lost a salvageable patient, never lost his poise in the worst of circumstances. And UCI`S Trauma Center sees the worst: gunshots, stab wounds, horrendous freeway crashes, severed limbs, a harrowing smorgasbord of tragedy twenty-four/seven.

Motorcycle rider with a punctured lung? Steven will have the thoracostomy tube inserted before the medical student helping him has even snapped on her gloves. Construction worker with a grievous brain injury? Adler will have Mannitol running in the IV and the Neuro-Surgery resident on his way from upstairs before they wheel the poor guy to CT.

And then there`s Adler`s social life. As empty and cold as a divorce lawyer`s heart.

Adler`s married to his job. Hooked on adrenaline, pulling double shifts, foregoing sleep in a race to save lives. But still looking. Looking at his gorgeous co-workers. Looking for his version of the perfect woman: Intelligent, beautiful, poised, and successful.

Adler finds what he`s been looking for in the most unusual circumstances imaginable.

He`s known Natalie Bogner for years. She`s the queen of UCI Medical Center. Unapproachable, smoking-hot OB resident with an IQ of 178; operates better than her supervising attending surgeons. What more could Adler wish for?

"Six PM Sunday," a cautionary tale about life, love, and the insidious desire hidden deep down in all of us. The dream to have it all.

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