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Published:October 24th, 2006 12:09 EST
No Redemption for the Dead, an Interview with Robin Eduardo

No Redemption for the Dead, an Interview with Robin Eduardo

By Amanda Carver

Just in time for Halloween, I had the pleasure of sitting down to pick the brain of No Redemption for the Dead " author, Robin Eduardo!  This forty-something, undead bombshell is indeed bringing sexy back "from the grave. 

Jersey based Eduardo`s latest effort has taken My Space horror fans captive for a gritty, emotional, and very unconventional hell ride.  No Redemption for the Dead " follows Felica and PeeWee through the maze of the inner city during a full-blown zombie apocalypse.  

Sure, hordes of the living dead are certainly a top priority, but Eduardo`s characters take it up a notch by revealing a painfully human battle within the safety of their apartment turned fortress.  Drug addiction, personal loss, social obstacles, and the inner demons we all face are what`s for dinner.

Eduardo, bitten by the horror bug at a very tender age, gives props to the masters by citing George Romero, Richard Matheson, Len Barnhart, and Z.A. Recht as favorites of the genre.  

Long-time writer, Zombie Diva, and Undead Queen of horror forums and chat rooms, Eduardo twists her morbid tale of human interest bite by bite, teasing us with updates chapter by chapter on her blog.

No Redemption for the Dead ", though unfinished, moves towards the hopes of major publication as the characters fall deeper and deeper into their own personal hells.

No Redemption for the Dead " can be viewed on Eduardo`s MySpace page,, where a giant fan base has blossomed over night.

Check it out and chances are you`ll find yourslef bitten, too.