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Published:October 25th, 2006 12:23 EST

Debut of Love Damned Love

By Amanda Carver

As the sweet, melodic static of David Bowie`s Buzz the Fuzz " drifts through an open window, the crisp, white Battenburg curtains flutter in the breeze. On an artfully carved table near the window, the superiorly designed Love Damned Love " chapbook rests next to a glass of that oh-so-refreshing iced tea. Life is good "once more.

Do you love horror? Do you love the disturbing, mystical ramblings of Lovecraft and Poe?  Has today`s sugarcoated horror offering become enough to make you scream out of boredom? Get Shiny! Shiny what, you ask?  Shiny HOO-HAA, of course! 

It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain; but once conceived, it haunted me day and night ". Is it possible that E.A. Poe had a vision "a vision of that was to be?

A cumulative effort on part of HOO-HAA-riffic, Wayne Simmons, Steve Vold, and Pete Leathley, Shiny HOO-HAA publishers have let loose their debut masterpiece, Love Damned Love ", an idiosyncratic, horror cookbook made up of one part horror, one part eroticism, and one part HOO-HAA.

Edited by Wayne Simmons and Kriscinda Meadows, Love Damned Love " is a beautifully crafted, eccentric collection of quirky and blessfully refreshing short stories, poems, and artwork.

Ruby O`s eyecatching design lovingly embraces stories by authors such as Rebecca Brock, James Harris, Alyssa Sturgill, and Steve Whitmore.  Additional artwork produced by John Miller and Pete Leathley round it out and transform Love Damned Love " into a horror fans wet dream.

If you`re tired of the same old stories, the same old, It was a dark and stormy nights ", then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Love Damned Love " as soon as you can.

You`ll thank me. You`ll thank Shiny HOO-HAA. You`ll thank yourself.  If every horror novel you`ve read in the past 2 years had struck you as being about as wordy and poorly thought out as the Bible, give Love Damned Love " a shot.  I think you`ll find yourself deliciously surprised. Afterall, these lads don`t suffer from insanity, they enjoy every minute of it.

Visit Shiny HOO-HAA at or  to learn more.