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Published:February 12th, 2007 10:29 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Anthony (A.P.) Ri"Chard

Judyth Piazza chats with Anthony (A.P.) Ri"Chard

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Anthony (A. P.) Ri`Chard is a Detroit native who left the Motor City for New York in 1997 because his family and friends encouraged him to pursue his goal of becoming a published author.  Shortly after arriving in New York City, he became homeless, but, soon he met someone who believed enough in him that she went out of her way to help him gain employment. He was able to check into a YMCA and continue working on his manuscript.  

Several months later he was introduced to Maxwell Taylor an Editor at A & B Publishers Group, in Brooklyn, NY and best selling author, Zane.  They read his manuscript, and before he realized it DAMN! The manuscript he had been working on for several months was published. Spurred on by this success he plunged himself headlong into developing his writing career. 

He thought that finding a true story to write would give him an opportunity to explore new areas of writing.  An opportunity (which he attribute to God) presented itself when he was told of a story about Larry Floyd, a young man out of Hattiesburg Mississippi whose father happened to be the first African American police officer in that city`s history.  Larry wasted twenty-three years of his life in Prison for the murder of a White man in his community, a murder he swears he didn`t commit.  It was a crime that his father convinced him to plead guilty to - although he knew his son was innocence.  He wrote Larry`s story with the intent on getting him a fair chance at the rest of his life.  From that story CAGED INNOCENCE was born. A.P. is currently working on King Of Rhythm; The Ike Turner Story.  This fascinating project is scheduled to be produced by A. P., and noted Producer Fred Caruso and should go into pre-production soon.

He has been writing screenplays every since.  With the help of another upcoming writer out of Queens, Mpenzi Ramadhan Nanji, they developed a made for television drama series entitled The Market Place. 

A. P. is working just as hard to teach himself what is needed to be a successful author/entrepreneur as he did in teaching himself how to be a well-rounded computer professional.  Mr. Ri`Chard is well on his way to reaching his goals of writing for television, the silver screen, and the literary community, as he has several projects in the works.  His made for television series The Market Place ", motion pictures entitled King Of Rhythm, The Ike Turner Story, " Future, " Shadow of Memory, " You Never Know, " Sanction, " Caged Innocence, " and of course his debut novel, DAMN! are all steadily gaining recognition and garnering favorable responses in the industry. Mr. Ri`Chard`s other works in progress include novels At War With The Devil ", Can`t You See I Love You ", False Impressions ", CAGED INNOCENCE " and Thank God ".  

Like Hearts And Minds At Work is the motto for UNITED SPIRITS, his new Production Company.     


Anthony (A. P.) Ri`Chard, founder and CEO