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Published:February 17th, 2007 11:00 EST
Color Poems

Color Poems

By Natasha Kalafatis


Ribbon topped with a bow

Wrapped snug around the apple

With a core of clarity within.

Seeds of anger and wrath

Are rimmed by passion and love.

In the blood from my very soul

The heart strongly beats red. 



Mood swings

Down by the sea,

Up in the sky.

Whether the bird sings with joy

Or sorrow,

Blue brings out the calm. 



Bones out in the snow

Gathering glitter.

Inside my home I stare

At the blank page,

But I see the ghost in the window

Of white. 



Clock strikes midnight

Late at night.

A silent blanket of tranquility settles in.

But when the heartless arrive

With ravens in their hair

And coal in their eyes,

You can`t shake the fear that

Everything`s pitch black. 



Flash of sun

Bounces off the glass

Filled with bittersweet lemonade

Find fun in the brightness

Of your laugh.

Enjoy the excitement

When peeling the banana.

But when yellow is about,

Don`t forget,

Be cautious. 



Get down in the dirt.

Let hard work coat your tongue

With a new kind of chocolate:


Listen to the bear.

Feel its soft yet hardened fur

Years of age:



Listen to the bear.

He is brown. 



The leaves rustle

The trees sway.

All is still and truth comes forth.

Slime begins to drip from the branches.

It becomes apparent something is not right.

And survival now,

Is all that matters.

Cut through the wilderness

Leave everything behind.

Green can`t help you

If you won`t try. 



A hazy dream with satin sheets

A hazy dream with satin sheets

Silky curtains drifting from far above.

Nothing is clear, but who cares?

It is an inexplicable feeling of bliss.

Have some more grapes,

And why not just a glass more wine?

The elegance you feel may not be real,

And that`s why purple is a dare. 



Toes buried snug in the sand

Toes buried snug in the sand

Warm breeze brushes past

The sun stirs everything together at the horizon.

A sensation of complete relaxation

It`s okay to close your eyes

Laugh in the tightest situations

And turn everything around

Just have fun with orange