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Published:February 19th, 2007 07:36 EST

Fables That We Can All Learn From

By Suren Hossein

Fables, anecdotes, and allegories help to identify cultures in ancient countries such as Iran, India, China and Greece. 

The people of these lands are proud to have so many stories. However, the global community changed different races to one nation and all fables are more common in more places.

Once upon a time a brutal old wolf who harmed so many animals decided to repent. Therefore, he traveled too far to repent as a result of other animals like him. The old wolf became hungry and searched around. He saw the fleshy horse grazing on the farm. He went forward and said, I want to go to a far land to repent, but I am so hungry now. Please help me to fulfill my commitment. "

How can I help you? " The horse said. The old wolf replied, Please victimize yourself. Your meat can feed me and others. Don`t delay! Help your mates, buddy. "

The horse, in an effort to save himself made a trick. He smiled, Uncle Wolf! I am ready to participate in this charity but I have to tell you an issue. "

The wolf said, "what?".

"I have been troubled for many years. Please solve my problem then eat me, " the horse said.

The old wolf wondered, What happened?

"I can help you surely," the horse said. Many years ago, a stupid furrier wounded me while making a heelpiece on my hoof. He pounded it on my flesh instead of my hoof. I am enduring so much pain in these years. I want you to see my injuries."

The wolf went forward to check the horse`s hoof. The horse raised his foot and delivered a lethal kick to the wolf`s head as hard as he could.

While the old wolf was dying, he whispered to himself, "Damn stupid wolf. " Why did you let him knocked you? "

The dancing horse said, "Never trust a wolf`s repentance. "

This is one of the Persian Fables.