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Published:March 8th, 2007 16:35 EST
 The Ray

The Ray

By Subash Lamichhane

Tears in my eyes

When I woke up, again!
It feels like these rays

Are different today.


My eyes full of sadness,

My heart cramped with pain "

I hope that these rays

Are not the same!


These feelings before me:

Life was made lifeless,

Tears all before "

The sea of blood gone is my ray!


Weak, I wake up "

For I`ve always been told

Golden rays will come when

Setting suns rise again!


My eyes are so thirsty

To see the seed of love grow

In the loving nature of humans "

To feel a happy face glow!


Instead of crushing each other "

Not perfect for sure "

Unite us, though different,

Rays golden and pure!