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Published:March 17th, 2007 12:26 EST
We Need Only a Dream

We Need Only a Dream

By Subash Lamichhane

For too many years we`ve stopped dreaming

Because too many blood spots shine about

Dream we never of living in peace

Only of living without

Times have certainly changed now

Marching on ahead

While the rest of the world moves forward

We only move on with dread

We still live in caves

With no lights to see each other

So selfish we`ve become

Fighting with our own brothers

No doors shall be opened

To let in the Sun`s golden rays

Until together we dream again

Of many bright future days

We need only the energy

And full determination

To let the Sun`s golden rays

Shine upon our Nation

Why shall our mothers

Reach hospitals dead

While our children are bound

To wash dishes instead

Because we haven`t had dreams

For them or our Nation

Wasting time on war and protest

Instead of a good education

How long can we go on

Expecting funds from World Banks

Raising tired hands everywhere

Begging for Dollars and Francs

Why shall we not dream again

Of the day when we have streets

Built by the strength of our hands

And paved with our own sweat

Can`t we be First World?

Can`t we move to the top?

How long shall we be Third World

Divided and for naught?

Pride of Nepal in our hearts

With joint effort we can

Build cities and industries

Build a dream for our land.

Let`s dream for our Country

For the whole of mankind

That in this land called Nepal

Peace, love, and happiness we`ll find.

From Nepal`s highest mountains

We must stand up and scream,



We just need to dream!

English Translation by Gerald Alann