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Published:March 28th, 2007 09:12 EST



Lonely I am when you cage a parrot
Sad I am when you shoot a tiger
Bloody I am when you behead a goat
Dead I am when you kill a deer

Hurt I am when you cut a tree
Shaken I am when you pluck a shrub
Ugly I am when you pick a flower
Weak I am when you breach an herb


Old is our relation
Young are your slots
Managed are my components
Damaged are your thoughts


Deep is our affection
Surfaced are your characters
Wider are my resources
Narrowed are your behaviours


Humanity is what`s lagging
Sensation is what`s needed
Faith is what`s diminishing
Unity is what`s needed


Aliveness is what`s lagging
Devotion is what`s needed
Affection is what`s diminishing
Love is what`s needed


I`m ready to save my nature
Are you too?
I`m ready to save humanity
Are you too?