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Published:April 15th, 2007 11:01 EST
Rotten Cream

Rotten Cream

By Carlos Andina

As I was playing with my toys on a very sunny day

I came across an object, much to my dismay

Now, this object was not tasty

Nor was it very bright

But boy it would be really good

To be used to take flight

So I took some rope and a piece of wood

And tied it all altogether

And then I used some super-glue

So it would hold forever

I got my friends and found a hill

And jumped into the sky

But as I looked down at the trees

I was sure I was to die

Several hours later in a state of mild shock

I found that I was falling down

A very giant rock

I fell into the water

I sunk down past the shore

And death would have approached me

Had it not been the floor

As I had fallen from my bed

Surely it was all a dream

And it was likely it was caused

By eating rotten cream