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Published:April 16th, 2007 12:49 EST
What's In Me

What's In Me

By Jennifer Smith

The sky lets go of the rain
The way my eyes let go of the pain.
Standing alone, I can`t handle it.
I`m like a tree out of its element.
Shake my branches, rustle my leaves.
I need a way to appease.
Break through the clouds and bring forth the sun.
My life is ending; Or has it just begun?
Be born again with new life,
Instead of severing my heart with a serated knife.
Words can hurt as bad as actions.
I need more than to count what I am lacking.
In my head I must stand strong and proud.
But my heart`s buried beneath the ground.
Why must I run? Why must I hide?
I`m too scared to say I tried.
Maybe I`m just trying to find me.
Lost in a sea of emptiness, not knowing who to be.
Being pulled in a million directions.
Never going in the right direction.
Always being told, "You`ll never be,"
By the ones too blind to see.
I have so much to give and nothing to take.
Why is everything I do seem to be a mistake?
I am so much more than a tree out of its element,
And I shall break free from this torment.
Look into my eyes and you will see,
I will stand tall and be the woman in me.