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Published:April 20th, 2007 06:48 EST
Low Mental Disposition

Low Mental Disposition

By Manish Lamichhane

as interpreted by Gerald Alann

I lift my arms freel

To whomever will help me

Though thousands surround me

They`re unwilling to touch me

With my smile decaying

They think my soul has stopped living

To their plants tender caring

But to me only staring

Friends no longer stop by

To give me their voices

And then wonder why

I choose not the right choices

I feel so depresssed

With anger and fear

Many things could I share

But who`s there to hear

My mind lacks maturity

With family I`ve fought

They lack keys to unlock

My dark inner thought

They searched for a teacher

From whom I could learn

But I taught the teacher

That I could not discern

I`m losing my way

None able to help me

Lost deep in this darkness

No sun shines upon me

I`d ask for your help

But I`m too scared and weak

Praying I don`t become

Another cracked-up freak

I could die of depression

In my weakened position

Lonely and afraid of

Low mental disposition