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Published:April 30th, 2007 14:25 EST
Short  Humorous  Pieces

Short Humorous Pieces

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

1.  Two snakes were on a promenade in the forest. One asked the other:

          Are we poisonous? " 

          Why that question suddenly? " asked the other.

          I just bit my tongue and I wondered. " 

2.  A two-star general was inspecting a squadron. He asked a soldier:

    What would you do, if the enemy was just going to throw an A-bomb over you? "

    I would do what the major orders. "

    There is no major. "

    I would follow the order of the lieutenant. "

    There is no lieutenant. "

    Then, I would follow the order of the sergeant. "

    There is no sergeant. You are all alone in the field. "

    If the enemy will drop an A-bomb just for me, I wouldn`t mind dying for that enemy Sir! " answered the soldier.     

3.   Little Tony had followed his brother, one day, to the woods, near-by, as his brother took his girl friend there in his car. As Tony watched them from behind a tree, his brother held the girl and asked:

              For the last time, yes or no? "

              No, " said the girlfriend.

              OK " said  Tony`s brother angry. In that case, I`ll ride back to town and you walk. "

              The little Tony thought this was an easy thing to do. On the following Sunday, he invited little Mary  for a ride to the woods on his bike. When they reached the woods, Tony held Mary and asked:

                Yes or no? "

                Yes! "  answered Mary.

                OK " said Tony . "In that case, you take the bike and I walk home. " 

4.  A Black-Sea Turk adopted a new born English baby and brought him home.

    But why an English baby? " asked his relatives?

    So that he can teach me English, when he grows up " answered  the Black Sea Turk.