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Published:May 17th, 2007 05:40 EST
Brothers of Nepal

Brothers of Nepal

By Manish Lamichhane

Will terrorists sit at equality table?
To taste of peace will they be able?
Would they speak the truth or just their fable?
Why won’t they come sit down at the table?
After the fright of a long dark night
Do they not feel the warm sunlight?
Do they welcome the peace or is it in spite
That they lust and desire for only a fight
We should all help each other give our Mothers a break,
Realize we are brothers learning from our mistakes.
How many more lives are they willing to take?
How much more blood to fill up their lake?  
Of all the ways we millions could choose
When, as brothers we fight, we all only loose
Here is a clue you terrorists could use:
It’s time for the lions to lay down with the ewes.
I have lost many friends whose mothers are crying
Because all of their sons and daughters are dying.
When you terrorists say, “Truth!” we know you are lying.
Yet you wonder why your lies we’re not buying.
You think closing our schools will keep us from thinking.
You think breaking our will can stop our hearts from linking.
Turn your guns into plows, for the sake of our heirs
For our beloved Nepal, prove that you care.
You believe in your weapons to make powerful war.
Your bombs breaking bridges can no longer endure.
Your actions speak loudly and serve to insure
That your motives are deadly and were never that pure.
Stop pointing the finger of toxic anger
When brothers are fighting we all live in danger.
Drop all of our guns let freedom ring in Nepal.
Together we stand or divided we’ll fall.
Uniting as brothers will keep us from sinking
To the evil of war, that has plagued our thinking. 
With our broken hearts we should decide on linking.
With the look of one love in our children’s eyes twinkling.
Thank you, Gerald Alann, my SOP brother, for your invaluable assistance with this English translation.  Manish