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Published:May 24th, 2007 12:23 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Dante Amodeo , Author of the Saban and the Ancient

Judyth Piazza chats with Dante Amodeo , Author of the Saban and the Ancient

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Saban Smith would rather just curl up with a good book and be left alone." Margo Weissmann would rather people just get out of her way and let her take care of things." But neither will get exactly what they want, when a world of covet operations, super-soldiers, mystic artifacts and spy-fi comes crashing down around them."

They will have to trust each other with their weakness"and their secrets"if they hope to survive even their first night on the run." And before the series is through, you will see guys transform into men; girls transform into women; and some of each who may transform into"something else entirely." Saban and the Ancient is a novel-length fiction and the first in a planned series of five." It won an award for best in class in the 2006/2007 Promoting Outstanding Writers competition and has been gaining great word of mouth since then."

Dante Amodeo has lived a life that some would call unstable, but which he merely calls "well-rounded."" Drawing from his own experiences in multiple vocations, as well as a lifelong love of fantasy and science fiction, he has crafted an intricate tale that moves forward at breath-taking pace." Like real life, there is humor to be mined in even the most dire circumstances." And horrible surprises can lurk just around any corner.

In a self described `amusing fashion`, Dante Amodeo can:

    • From his psych background discuss how people (like his characters) can resolve conflict by learning to value each others strengths.
    • From his intelligence background, discuss the real life, non-glamorous side of HUMINT (human intelligence gathering) as opposed to the spy-fi treatment it gets in movies.
    • From his background working with at-risk teenagers, discuss how guys today have no idea how to transform themselves into men, or what that entails, or even why they would want to.
    • From personal experience, why it is never too late to decide that you want to change the world more than the world changes you.

Dante Amodeo had more vocations before he was thirty than some have in a life time:" ballroom dance instructor, bartender, burger flipper, busboy, paralegal assistant, computer tutor, FM disc jockey, licensed insurance agent, modeling agency talent scout, mental health worker (troubled/at-risk teens), computer repair business-owner, network engineer, nationally recognized seminar instructor, and an Army officer." (His most treasured titles, however, are "husband" and "daddy," and he settled down considerably after gaining that last title!)

You can visit to see what he is up to, or if you MySpace, he would love for you to "friend" him at" To schedule an interview or request more information, please contact Erika Sumner, PR by the Book, 281-895-7190 or