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Published:June 4th, 2007 07:07 EST
Book Review: Crank-- Story About a Monster

Book Review: Crank-- Story About a Monster

By Patricia Irizarry

Crank is more than a drug.  It`s a way of life.  You can turn your back.  But you can never really walk away. "

Those were the words spoken from 17-year-old Kristina Georgia Snow, the young meth addict in Ellen Hopkins`s book, Crank. "  While this story is fictitious, it is based on true events "the events that happened to Hopkins`s daughter.  Crank " is about Kristina going through a complete turn-around in her life, going from a well-behaved straight-A student living in Reno to being succumbed to using meth, also known as the monster. "

Kristina`s first encounter with the monster " was through a boy she met and fell in love with while visiting her drug-addicted father in Albuquerque one summer.  However, no one in Albuquerque knew her as Kristina.  Everyone knew her as Bree, the girl who would take over Kristina`s mind and eventually her life.

 In the author`s note, Hopkins writes according to her daughter`s past, The monster did touch her life and the lives of her family.  My family.  It is hard to watch someone you love fall so deeply under the spell of a substance that turns him or her into a stranger.  Someone you don`t even want to know. "

Kristina, or Bree, was exactly that "a stranger.  Hopkins`s Crank " shows how this young teenager would turn her back on everyone that loved and cared about her so much, all because she wanted to get high; to escape the norm that was her life in Reno, Nevada.  Kristina ended up having two boyfriends "both using crank as well "getting poor grades in school, losing her best friends and betraying her parents` trust.  The monster had changed her dramatically and she found out at a youthful age that things would never be the same.

Hopkins`s use of free verse brings out the descriptive narration in Crank. "  The entire book is written beautifully, yet tragically, to paint a picture of Kristina`s ride with the monster. "  Hopkins writes, Nothing in this story is impossible.  Much of it happened to us, or to families like ours.  Many of the characters are composites of real people.  If they ring true, they should. "

Crank " has definitely touched my heart and has made me aware of what happens when one dances with the monster. "  Hopkins has accomplished what she sought out to do "having this story speak to people.  Crank " could be used as a guide for many people of all ages, male or female, to be more aware of the dangers of meth and all drugs that are out in this world. 

As she concludes her author`s note, Hopkins said, Crank is indeed a monster "one that is tough to leave behind once you invite it into your life.  Think twice.  Then think again. "

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