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Published:June 5th, 2007 06:02 EST
Unlimited Question!

Unlimited Question!

By Manish Lamichhane

Manish`s original poem, "Unlimited Question!"

Seeds turn to tree, tries to touch the sky

But why doest it grow and becomes tall

When tree become old why it dies

Why does leaves looses its join and fall

Who  made a man? Why put its mind?

Its would be easy to say man is monkey kind

But who made monkey or single cell?

If you  have answer donot forget me to mail

Why does earth have to suffer dark night?

Where are thoes stars on day light

Why does earth round the sun?

I am so confused I fill world is so fun

Who is the judge to take our life after some year

Why donot we breath carbon instate of oxygen?

Why our hear is full of some kind fear?

I searched in the books cannot find the reason

I searched here and there origin of water

I cannot find who is the inventor of atmoshpare?

My question is unlimited thousand of them

Answers I  would be egared to know

As "interpreted" by Gerald Alann

"Unlimited Questions!"

Teachers teach evolution of the monkey kind

But my parents said, "Think with your God-given mind!

"Deep in your soul you know the love that you find

Comes straight from the heart of the Creator kind!"

Why do seeds become trees growing into the sky

The wind blows their leaves until on the ground lie

They grow taller and higher without knowing why

Unaware of the reason that this season they`ll die

Why does the sun have to suffer the night

Why do the stars have to turn off their light

Why is the moon never quite as bright

As the light in your eyes twinkling in twilight

Who is the Judge that takes life from here

Is He the Creator who made atmosphere

I trust Him completely to Him draw I near

For unlimited questions to His answers I hear