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Published:June 9th, 2007 12:16 EST
What Does That Even Mean?

What Does That Even Mean?

By Sean Stubblefield

Words mean things. The degree to which language subliminally shapes our conception of things is often underestimated. When we distort the meaning of words through misuse, they lose their clarity and are diminished. They no longer mean what they really mean. And if we don`t know what words mean, what is meant by certain words, then how can we communicate clearly?

So when the words adult " and mature " are routinely used to imply and infer sexual connotations, then what impressions are we subconsciously fostering in our minds? For mature audiences ". Adult situations ". Ages 18 and above ". Grown-up stuff ".

Such misrepresentation creates the idea that to be mature and adult means having sex, being sexually active-- a lot and often.

The notion is re-enforced in our entertainment and advertising media, and mimicked as normal .

Look at them pawing and panting at each other. Chasing and hunting after each other. Throwing themselves at each other. Treating each other like possessions and possessors, conquerors and the conquered, hunter and prey. I cringe.

They should be ashamed of themselves. I`m embarrassed for them. Where`s your dignity? Your self-control?

But this isn`t the behavior of truly mature, grown-up adults. It is the behavior of juvenile, hormonal adolescents.

What kind of example are we setting when grown-ups act like undisciplined children, at best " and like wild monkeys, at worst? An example not just for our kids, but for ourselves, for humanity. We can`t look at a naked human body without sexual assumptions. There is no innocence possible for nudity anymore; it is made lascivious, tawdry, obscene with associations of a sexual " nature. Because sex itself is tarnished and tainted by our misconceptions, made lewd and vulgar in its craven pursuit and expression.

Romance, therefore, is another word whose meaning has been deformed--- because it has become barbarously sexualized. Romance isn`t about sex or courting. Romantic " has nothing to do with flowers and candle lit dinners or long walks on the beach. It has everything to do with a heightened sense of an experience, expressed by the fantastic, the sentimental, the glamorous, the adventurous, the spectacular, the wondrous, and even spiritual. Romance novels and romantic movies are typically contrived as boy meets girl scenarios, often ultimately nothing but slash fiction or soft pron.

Star Wars is Romantic. King Arthur is Romantic. Because romance, in its proper form, is an exploration of relationships. Whether that be composed of a man and woman, three men, five women, two women and a man, a child and an adult, a man and his reality, or a boy and his dog. It is not sexual.

And neither is passion ", yet another word unfortunately bastardized, and yet again by gratuitous sexualization. Passion is simply an intense love, enthusiasm or affection for something.

But, in our careless idiocracy, we have to egregiously belittle, ruin and sully its meaning with sexual innuendo. This corruption of sex inhibits genuine, authentic passion. To be passionate about something is not a sexual condition. At least not literally.

Our cultural obsession with and perversion of sex is degrading and denegrading us. The ceremony of innocence is drowned, in the blood-dimmed tide. Reduced or restrained to the attitude of hormonal adolescence, we are not adults, we cannot help but be immature.

Suppose a naked man is kneeling in front of a standing naked man. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? If your mind didn`t instantly go into the gutter, take a step forward.


We need to be more careful what we say, know what we are saying, and say what we mean.