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Published:June 10th, 2007 07:04 EST
Shameless: In My Skin, a New Release

Shameless: In My Skin, a New Release

By S Renee Greene

Marjani Ra`Mla (given name: -see book-) was born the middle child of four siblings, two sisters and one brother. At the age of three years old, her parents separated and she and her siblings were placed in various foster care facilities until her mother just showed up " one day and carried them off to Detroit, Michigan by train. After living in Detroit for three years, her mother and her aunt (her mother`s older sister) have an argument which leads to her uprooting from the north to the south in a reverse-migration process that devastates her socially and emotionally.

She is a prolific child who can see " into the future, but is ignored by her mother when she declares, at the age of five, that she will die "down south.` During her time in Columbus, Georgia, she is relegated to a pre-planned future and called a "welfare statistic,` but uses her entire 26 years in that town fighting her fate. In a strange twist on her declining lifestyle, she begins work as a news clerk at the Ledger-Enquirer--armed with a whole new set of faith and determination. She later loses the job to an even worse twist of fate and fortune reversal.

Ra`Mla`s book conveys the difficulties associated with the mixture of racial and gender discrimination endured by an African American girl living in the south during the post-Civil Rights Movement years. Her family is of no use to her when she needs crucial guidance to overcome her circumstances, so in a series of roller coaster ride " ups and downs, she makes her own way through the world without any sense of direction and comes close to her own self-fulfilling prophecy as her life takes turn after turn for the worst. Will she overcome her circumstances and stop allowing herself to be victimized?

While portraying this sensitive and heart-breaking (sometimes sadly poignant and funny) transition from girl to woman, Ra`Mla speaks to many other issues, such as the relationships between parents and children, child abuse, religion, salvation, and the search for one`s own destiny and harmony in life.

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