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Published:June 21st, 2007 06:21 EST
A Look into Rebirth

A Look into Rebirth

By Manish Lamichhane

(A collaboration between Manish Lamichhane and Gerald Alann.  Gerald's Americanized version follows the original by Manish.)

Those stars are always as they are

foot we step on earth is changed so far

But I do not know where I were

I think I went to long holiday and returned

The country used to be empty on mid day

Everybody would be busy on theirs field’s way

But I see new invention over bridge

Train running on it very smoothly

New machines have taken birds' sky

You connect with world by one click

Now people have no time to know neighbor

People no more believe on those falling stars


Green earth is turned into desert brown

There are no more kings who hold the crown?

I hate now, this place, this earth

I think this is my time, a kind of rebirth


I can remember where I went?

Somebody cut my hand and release my pain

We travel a lot near hell to heaven

I am not fit anywhere, so I am back again


Jasmine used to bloom in every hut

Jasmine is changed from hut to building

You do not need a sword, you can kill man in one shot

People still living, breathing for surviving

Before only royal people used to live

Star, earth is same... but the world is changed

"REBIRTH"  (as expressed by Gerald Alann)

Have the stars always been in the sky as they are

Have your footsteps on the earth made a difference so far

You may know what you’ve been but I know what you are

You're a criminal thief who steals with deadly black tar

You are empty countryside that should be full by midday

With workers that are harvesting their green fields of hay

You are water turned to blood instead of blue in the bay

You are happiness inverted and subverted as gay

My beloved green forests you have turned to desert brown

When needed most where are the kings who wear a crown

I am leaving you this day to the fate of the earth

You are hatred you are slavery and it’s time for rebirth

You’re a new invention running like a train over cliff

An airplane flying smoothly connecting world with one click

You're a people who will never know how your neighbors are

You're the ones who wish could wish upon a falling star

Do you remember when I went on that long holiday

I traveled from my heaven to your hell far, far away

You nailed my hands and my feet to that cross of pain

When I’ve finished with my mission I'll come back again


I remember peaceful Jasmine growing in every hut

Now you have no need of sword you kill with just one shot

My people barely breathing living by surviving

Looking forward to the day I come upon the wing

I’m leaving you this day to the fate of the earth

You are hatred you are slavery and it’s time for rebirth