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Published:June 26th, 2007 03:04 EST
low mental disposition,  Part 2

low mental disposition, Part 2

By Manish Lamichhane

I have lost my sense, I feel like crack


I have fallen on a new track


My smiles have already flown far away


I find myself lying, crying, being depressed


Heart thunders with lots of fear


There is no one to save me, dear




My happiness has sifted its room away


I’ll just be angry with my own people


I like dark where I find my friend star


My blood stopped moving, heart stopped pumping


I feel like I am losing, just losing


I find my self lying, crying, being depressed




Dad, I am gone very far, I see only dark


I cannot carry your hope, I am so tired


Mom, do not expect anymore, I am vanished


I have no courage to fulfill your sweet dream


Brother, stop rescuing me, I am already fallen


Your repute is already too down on my name




I have everything, I feel empty-ness


My ears are silent, my tongue is motionless


Only thing that works is my eyes, rolling tears


And my heart, which is so feared




I am tired of running for light, brother


No more power you shall find


Please dear, you should take care of mother


No more hand you find to catch around


Be power full, to carry my new dream


Be strong to lift our new hopes


But dear, something is changed  in us brother


I am so  tired... let  my  soul  rest


Responsible, you should  face.