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Published:July 6th, 2007 17:06 EST
Stoned Love

Stoned Love

By Subash Lamichhane


My dear love

I know you are gone

To the far place and

No more will I be able

To see your sweet eyes filled with love again

I know I shall have to bear all misery alone


They have dragged me out

They have tried to abuse me

Are they my brothers?

Does the same blood I have run in them?


If so, why my heart is full of love

And their hearts full of revenge and hate

Did I make a fault, to love you?

Is it the biggest crime to have love in heart?


Allah, Allah I have cried

To let god feel the way I feel

As these stones fall upon me

My love, though I feel so pained

But pride I feel to have death of love


From childhood I had Romeo and Juliet

They lived in my heart and sang love songs

Fragrance of love always touched me

When I first saw you I knew you were

My Romeo and I your Juliet


Years passed by and we shared love

But even in beautiful spring there comes wind

My love, strong was my love

So I was ready to give up everything to be with you

But these eyes that see me dying today

Didn’t have mercy on the love we shared


You are in far place now escaping your death

I am going to far place, love facing the death

As I cry, my tears add volume to blood I am bleeding

They are still stoning me love, and I am crying


They say I broke the law loving you

They say I have caused them to suffer

They shout at me, they throw stones

Satan could be better, but not my brothers


As I am breathing my last

My love, you are still in my heart

You used you brush away my tears

Make my pain go away.


Beautiful memories we have shared

That memory makes me bear this pain

I am wounded everywhere

But more at heart and my soul.


My love, my dearest soul.

Please keep yourself safe

They are looking for you, love

To hurt your heart and give you pain



I can bear the pain that I have

But I cannot see you screaming

I cannot bear seeing you bleeding

You must know I love you much


In this life, our great love has been stoned

I promise you I shall be only yours forever

Even in heaven, I shall grow my love for you

In another life, we shall make our love come true


My dear one, I am leaving now

Sooner I want to leave this land full of hate

This sacrifice shall forever be living

In next life, with more strong love we shall be sharing