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Published:July 22nd, 2007 02:47 EST
Dreams of Reality

Dreams of Reality

By Jennifer Smith

I can dream as real as the sky.
Make them as real as peering into your eyes.
Envision a life without stress,
As long as it`s by you I lay my head to rest.
You are all my dreams come true.
For it`s by you that this love reigns through.
You are more to me than the air I breathe.
You give me strength to stand taller than the trees.
Believe in me and I`ll give you a love so true.
Have faith in me and by you I`ll remain true.
It`s hard to say what tomorrow brings.
My heart is a symphony and you`re playing the strings.
Like each note on a scale,
The music of our hearts will prevail.
My dreams are filled with visions of you.
My heart is filled with a love that remains true.
I search for words to tell you what`s true.
The only ones that come to mind are, I love you. "
In search of answers I look toward the sky.
When I look for love, I peer into your eyes.
I cannot envision my dreams without you.
You cannot look into my eyes and not see you.
I can dream my dreams and make them a reality,
Or look into your eyes and there I`ll find me.