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Published:September 11th, 2007 14:00 EST
Dreaming a Dream

Dreaming a Dream

By Manish Lamichhane

For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Manish, a High School student from the country of Nepal, home of the world's beautiful Himalayan Mountains, is studying English and enjoys writing poetry in pursuit of mastering the language!  I merely assist him as best I can in "Americanizing" his choice of English words...  I call this "interpreting."    Gerald

Here are Manish's original words:
Dream in Dreams

I dream of my dreamland

Where I fell in love with it

Its fresh air blowing from one side

Oh god it was good as paradise


I just could be in it every night

Every time I used to think about it

Those roses smiles and show me the way

Now I started to visit there in even day


It was so nice that I could forget the world

Then after I felt my blood being cold

But the beauty was more then my pain

Rainbow would carry massage and run


After sometime I started seeing someone

She was very beautiful like an angel

We started talking and I had very good fun

Then I was sure that I was in heaven.


Sky stared to cry I though being drown in its tear

I suddenly try to catch her hand but she went far

She waved me her hand and said its time to apart

Then the loneliness started burning my heart


Suddenly I felt that something was burning

Burning on my body, then I opened my eye

It was my crimination, I was already dead

I could see my mom with her face with sadness

I could see my dad heart being break


Then I try to think what happened to me?

All I was dreaming was on hospital bed

I was waiting for my last breath

My mom cannot stop tears as sky cannot

That blood being cold was I become dead

Loneliness means everybody leave my hand 


As "interpreted" by 
Gerald Alann


I dream of a dreamland far up above

As in God's paradise, there is so much love

With fresh air blowing and warm light glowing

Past galaxies growing from energy flowing


Just for a taste, I would visit at night 

But it wasn't long, since I first saw the sight

Of miles of smiles showing me the way,

That I began visiting during the day


There on my bed something happened to me

Loneliness came as I started to leave

Mom couldn't stop crying as I was there lying

My body, screaming, begged to stop breathing


The sky began crying and I drowned in its tears

I tried to touch her but, no longer near,

She waved with her hand as we grew apart

Then loneliness started to burn in my heart


Suddenly dreaming that I was learning 

To open my eyes that were clearly burning

My situation bad, most certainly dire,

For now I was dreaming that I was on fire


What a pleasure it is to leave this world 

Rainbows with messages soon unfurled

Their beauty proves greater than all of the pain

The laughter around me replaces the rain



Family surrounds me, reunions begin

I realize now that it's heaven I'm in

I no longer just visit a place as serene

Nor continue dreaming I'm dreaming a dream