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Published:October 6th, 2007 08:47 EST
A new name in international markets, STOCKHOLM BASED AUTHOR ASKIN OZCAN

A new name in international markets, STOCKHOLM BASED AUTHOR ASKIN OZCAN

By SOP newswire

ASKIN OZCAN is originally from Istanbul, Turkey - the City on two continents with a very cosmopolitan population. He is 67 and has lived also in U.S.A, England, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Norway and France and finally settled in Stockholm, Sweden. He is an architect, a teacher and has been one of the leaders of I.A.E.W.P. a peace education N.G.O. allied with U.N., and has worked also in his youth, as a travel agency manager in London and as a reporter of Travel Trade Gazette International in Turkey.

Later, as he established his own business in Stockholm, as a consultant, he rubbed shoulders for many years, with international businessmen. He is also a consultant for The International St.Lukas Academy and honorary member in many distinguished international organisations.

All these experience provided him with ample unique material to write books, which he is doing since he has retired.

He has published two very humorous books THE SECOND VENICE (ISBN 1598000888 Outskirts Press) and WISDOM IN SMILE (ISBN 142577153X)

THE SECOND VENICE has been No.1 among top rated books in ITALY MAGAZINE and is listed together with high standing books about and by famous architects, in ARCHINECT, a known journal for architects and has been reviewed in many respected papers, TVs, magazines, internationally. It is the story of life in a fake "second Venice" built beside the real Venice, as the Italian Government limited the number of tourists to Venice for the protection of the City.

WISDOM IN SMILE is a collection of twenty two lovely, humorous and philosophical short stories.

Askin Ozcan has written also SMALL MIRACLES (ISBN 1598001000 Outskirts Press) in which he relates the thirty true stories of very stunning small miracles he has experienced in his own life in different countries. He has presented the book to His Holiness The Pope Benedictus XVI and it has been well received. The book also has a chapter about bringing closer all the God's religions.
Askin Ozcan's fourth book is STOCKHOLM STORIES, his memoirs in this lovely city of the north. (ISBN 1425771629 Xlibris)

And his fifth book is LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES is a collection of his poetry. (ISBN 142411870 Publish America) One of his poems (Thunderstorm) has been selected as the best poem of 2006 by Muses Review and several of his poems have been published in international poetry anthologies.

Askin Ozcan has recently finished his novelette THE RED SUBMARINE, which he hopes will be film. And he hopes to write in the future, CAT-O-NINE-TAILS, the story of his life, which, like a cat-o-nine-tails, whipped him from one to the other, to nine countries.

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