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Published:October 26th, 2007 01:55 EST
Is Beautiful

Is Beautiful

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

~Is Beautiful~


It is not all beautiful...

Shared amongst men friends
On subjects they kid one another on
Coming from a child
Who is totally delighted
With wonder
Shared between women
That are privy only to the secret
They alone know

It`s beautiful...

But sometimes...

It is the worse thing in the world...

You might not be dressed appropriately
To be cool

You might be the one who is considered an outsider

You might be too thin
Too heavy
Or too effeminate
Or too black
Or too white
Or too short
Or too tall
Or too smart
Or too uninformed
Or too...

Well you get the picture...

We tend to think that it is a good thing...
But when it is at the expense
Of someone else`s feelings and self-worth
I have to tell you
And many unfortunately
I believe would also agree

Not all laughter

And consider this the next time

You may find yourself doing it

Is beautiful...

By Chase von
The Last Panther
All rights reserved