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Published:October 28th, 2007 17:07 EST

And Find How To Live

By Sean Stubblefield

I say this facetiously, but I hate Eisley--- because I love them so much! They have spoiled me-- or rather, most music-- becoming the model by which I now compare all other bands. Most other bands-- with songs I would have liked before I discovered Eisley -- are now ruined for me. Even many old favorites seem less impressive or interesting to me now. But it is totally worth the sacrifice!

Why focus on a particular album or concert or tour, when we can immerse ourselves in the whole Eisley phenomenon? To limit ourselves to only one facet would omit too much.

I first encountered these extraordinary musicians when I channel surfed into a music video (their debut from the first full album) for their song Marvelous Things and was instantly hooked. Never had I heard/ experienced anything like them before or since. There is something special and especially uncommon about Eisley that defies words. To say they are Indie-fresh just doesn`t do them justice. They aren`t easily labeled or categorized into rock/pop/indie/alternative/folk or some variation because they are all this and more, and yet something else entirely.

Maybe the magicalness or magicality or magicity of this band has something to do with the law of fives? Two guys (Weston and Garron) and three gals (Sherri, Stacy and Chauntelle).

More probable, their unique vision, vitality and vibrance derives from an intrinsic and ineffable essence manifested in the Combinations of personalities, family and talents to create beautiful Room Noises.

Whatever the source of their power, they are indeed a rare occurance, possessing the kind of genius and ingenuity I haven`t seen since Jewel in her earlier work. The simplicity belies a complexity. Or is it the other way around? These are stories of life and living, in the boldly joyous and imaginatively romantic Nietzschean sense. Literal and figurative flights of fancy.

Clan Dupree exhibit and exemplify a maturity that doesn`t surrender youth easily or casually.

Dakota Fanning-ish mature childhood, without contradiction imbuing and infusing their music with sublime surreality.

I can write and rave about Eisley until the world ends but you still wouldn`t really understand. Like The Matrix, no one can be told what it is you have to see it for yourself. In this case, hear it.

Reviews of Eisley tend to use flowery and evocative language but I know better.

I don`t have the words to adequately illustrate or inform about the sound of music. Poetics aren`t enough aren`t good enough, aren`t sufficient enough. Trying to describe this band`s glorious magnificence in words (as opposed to what?) seems a pointless fool`s errand, because it is so subjective; plus, you can`t properly experience it with/ through adjectives or metaphor or simile.

Those wouldn`t really tell you anything meaningful; could only approximate, except not even come close.

Besides, as the rule in literature advises: show, don`t tell. The same logic applies to music. Reading lyrics is not the same as hearing them sung, and accompanied by instrumentation.

So if you somehow for some reason haven`t heard them yet, you`re missing some sweet awesome. I`ve had the privilege and pleasure of hearing them on CD and mp3, in video and in concert on the internet as well as live-- both electronically and acoustically/unplugged and they always amaze. I mean, if you`re into that kind of thing. And if you aren`t, well then I can`t help you.

Although I will say this of Eisley: definitely do not need more cowbell. But so versatile and innovative are they that I wouldn`t be surprised if that instrument was added to their repertoire on the inevitable third album and make it rawk!